Tubesday: A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri

So today I feel like I owe you a post because, well, I just don't know. Anyway, exams went well, the ones I thought would be hard weren't as hard as I thought, and the one I thought would be ok, was actually the hardest, but we got our grades back and I did ok on that. Yesterday was a fake "snow day" which is a day they give us every year just to be off from school. Today, I woke up and I found out that we had a real snow day! I was actually surprised about that because we've barely had any snow all winter and this weekend we got like 5-6 inches!
I went to my friend Rae's house and Jess was there too. We watched Once Upon a Time, the first season though, and that's like me new favorite show! My favorite character was Gram/Huntsman, but then changed to Mary Margaret/Snow White.

So today is Tubesday, so here's a video of one of my favorite songs! It was written for the Twilight series, but I still love it. There are clips from the Twilight movie in it, and even if you don't like Twilight, I think you'll survive. However, there are spoilers for the last book in it, so if you are planning on reading the series, you may or may not wanna watch the music video.


  1. Yay, you're into OUAT now too! And the Huntsman's Storybrooke counterpart's name is spelled Graham, just FYI. ;)

    1. Oh oops! Haha, thanks!
      I didn't know you liked it too! Yay! Another Oncer! However, I'm only on the 1st season and I don't want to start the second season in the middle..... :P

  2. This is my favorite song by Christina! So glad you shared.

    1. Your so welcome! My whole life is music. That and food. :D

  3. Hey I watched it and I didn't die!!! You must be psychic!!! It was pretty good for a calm song, but I'm more into louder, harder, head thrashing music. And you shouldn't say he was without specifying the reason it's a WAS!!! people can get the wrong idea. and spoil it. -_-


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