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I Stink At Poetry

So I haven't posted in a while, and you definitely deserve some words from me, so here are two fresh, unrevised poems that I wrote for a class in school. To be honest, I really struggle with poetry. My problem with it is that I feel as poetry is an extremely personal writing experience and so the readers cannot connect and relate to the words very easily. Maybe it's just me, but poetry is extremely hard to understand unless I was the one who wrote it.

I would definitely appreciate some constructive feedback! Also let me know what ideas you can get out of my poems. Enjoy!

Gravity Neverending floatation condemns the people of Cannonsville: The cold surrounds each and every one, but you barely feel a chill Marit’s head is stuck in the clouds, yours is nearly in space Left of the real you, there is scarcely a trace.
Reality grasps your heel to force you back to earth, But it’s been far too long and your feet don’t know how Of gravity, there is a certain and noticeable dearth.