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A Post In Which We Prepare for a Celebration!

Hallllloooooo! I am extremely happy right now, because I just realized we're approaching the 300th post on this lovely blog, I Solemnly Swear I Am Up To No Good, brought to you by none other than me-- July A. Emmance. That's right, nearly 300 posts have been written especially for you guys. Thank you so much for keeping this blog alive and going, because I would not be here if it wasn't for your support and encouragement.
So, because of that occasion, I would like to do something special. Something grand! The problem is, I don't know what, so please comment your suggestions down below! I am open to various things, and I would really like to do something fun for you guys that you would actually want me to do.
Thank you sooooo much everyone!
Love, an extremely grateful July

Just Waiting....

Hello everyone! I know I said I'd post more now that the robotics season is technically done, but it turns out I've still been really busy with it. In addition to that, the school year is officially coming to a close (only two weeks left... wow), so I'm super stressed out with exams coming up and projects in every class, because this winter we had a record amount of 10 snow days during second semester and the negative effects of those catching up to us. Long story short, we still have a lot to get through.
I also have happy news for you! I'll be posting a lot more this summer than past summers because my family finally bought a laptop! (no more typing out posts on my ipod during the summer!) I have some pretty fun stuff planned, so I'll have a lot of awesome things to tell you about.

The reason for this post is just to let you know what's going on for me right now, I guess. At the moment, I'm waiting. You may have figured that out from the post title, haha.…

Book Review: The Invisible Spy

Today I am going to review The Invisible Spy, a lovely book penned by a wonderful blogger and author who often drops by this blog, Hilda L. Dominguez (Click HERE to read an interview I did with her about a year ago). My dear sister Hilda, over at, was so kind to send her book to me as a gift for promoting it (Thank you so much Hilda! It means a lot that you would think to send it to me, of all people!) about a year and a half ago and I feel horrible that I haven't gotten to fully review it yet! Sis, I'm really sorry about that because I don't really have an excuse except for laziness and forgetfulness. You guys are all out there rolling your eyes, I know, I'm ridiculous. Let's get started. 

Tubesday- His Daughter

Hello! I hope you're all having a great week so far. In my little city, we have a traditional holiday that is celebrated in only a few places, and it's honestly my favorite thing ever, so that's going on this week for me. I found this video on Facebook and decided to watch it because one of my friends said it was really good. It's an original song by this girl, Molly, and the amount of passion that she sings it with is unbelievable. Plus she has an amazing range and beautiful voice.  The reason I liked the song so much is because it's a story that you have to listen to the whole song to hear the end of. I don't know, it just really touched my heart! -July

Random Friday: Childhood Memories

Hello everyone! It's May. May 2, to be exact, but it surely doesn't feel like it! I have less than a month until final exam week. Wow.
Anyway, every Friday, Emma from Awkwardly Emmahosts Random Fridays! Anyone can participate, so visit Emma's blog for details :) This week's theme is childhood memories and since I just finished writing a piece about my childhood in Spanish like five minutes ago, I'm going to share that with you (along with a rough translation for those of you who don't speak Spanish, heehee).
Ohhh, and if you do speak Spanish, please keep in mind that Spanish is not my native language and I'm only in Español 2 in school.
Since this is about my childhood, I'm talking about things that happened frequently, so I use the imperfect past tense verbs. Just thought you might like to know that, haha. I also included some pictures so you all wouldn't be so bored, lol.

Cuando yo era niña, yo lo pasaba bien. Tenía dos conejitos negros se llamaban…