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Free At Last.

HAPPY SPRING BREAK EVERYONE! Haha, as you can tell, it's now officially Spring Break for me! I'm super excited! For most of the week, I'll be staying home (as in not going on vacation) but next Friday we're taking a train to Chicago and we're going to stay with my awesome aunt Jordan and uncle Darren and their kids Isaac, Aria, and Ellie! I'm really excited. I'll definitely take loads of pics and post them as soon as I get the chance, but I don't know how busy I'll be :P
What are you all doing for spring break? Got any fun plans?

What Do You Think?

Hey! So my brain was just coasting off one day on it's own like it normally does, and I thought of this brilliant idea! So what do you all think of a book club? I could host a book club where we vote on a specific book to read and then we have a discussion about it! What do you guys think? I'll set up a pole about if you want to participate or not and if we get more than five votes saying that they'll do it, I'll get one started. Ok, short post but this is exciting!

The Tale of Gift Wrap, Ginger Bread, and Justin Time

Hey guys and gals! Lol. I totally forgot to tell you how my February "dare" went so I'll fill you in on that now! I had to wear mismatched shoes to school so I wore one Nike tennis shoe and one Saucony tennis shoe and no one noticed. I'm totally serious. Maybe they noticed but if they did they certainly didn't mention anything to me! So that one was a sorta fail, but whatever :P It was fun anyway!  Vote on the March "dare" because March is almost done so we need to get moving! I was so busy earlier this month so now I'm going to get cracking at it.
Now for the main reason for the post. So today I stumbled across a short story we wrote in school and I thought, "You know what? Why don't I post this today!" So I'm posting it and hoping to get some constructive criticisms if you know what I mean! I don't think I've posted this story before, but if I have, sorry. I wrote it a long time ago and don't remember. Enjoy! Oh and …

Guest Post by AJ

So, hello this is July and I'll just give a quick intro to this guest post by A.J. Ryan, a friend from school. I didn't really know what to post about so when A.J. emailed me another guest post, I decided to use this :) A.J. was also in The Beverly Hillbillies casted as the role of Percy Pennyweather. Great job as the English teacher! 

Hi everybody! This is A.J. Ryan again, back for another guest post. I was thinking of what to do, and I thought I would do some more poems (the last post I did, I shared some poems, for those of you who don't know, click HERE to read it). Sadly, about half my poems got deleted (long story) so the ones I have here aren't the best ones. But here they are:
Thee swirling patterns, How different are they! How they swirl in thee wind And dance in thee breeze How thee beautiful flakes float gently down To thou bed of white Carpeted in beauty 
*This one is talking about snowflakes, falling down to the bed of white, or the snow on the ground.
The sea of gr…

Tubesday: Beverly Hillbillies

Since the play was last Thursday and Friday and we were doing the Beverly Hillbillies I thought this Tubesday should be in honor of that. Here is the very first episode of the Beverly Hillbillies! 
Either watch it directly on my blog or click HERE to watch directly from YouTube.

Ok, sorry I just realized it's not even Tuesday, so I guess you get this a little early. Haha, oops!
By the way, just in case you were wondering, the play wentGREAT! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! I couldn't have done this without you, I know that sounds cliche and cheesy but you really helped me through this! I was pretty much nervous for nothing because I nailed my four lines both nights and everything went awesome. Thursday night was our better performance because it was nearly flawless and the audience was interacting with us a lot and laughing all the time! Friday was good, but sadly not as good as Thursday because there were a handful of mistakes and the audience wasn't into it as mu…


Tomorrow's the play. I'm nervous. Am I the only one who's nerves are connected to their stomach?
I have four lines, but I wish I had none. I honestly wish I'd never tried out for this play! I mean it's been fun, but I am an extreme worrier so this has just been another thing to stress me out lately. I can't wait till I wake up on Saturday morning and tell myself that it's over. I would explain why I'm worried and all but I won't even get into that because I don't think you would understand. Even one of the people I'm closest to doesn't really understand.
Have you ever had that where people understand to a certain extent but they don't exactly get what you're going through? I'm going to stop ranting to you now because I don't need to burden you with all this junk ;P
Also thank you so much to HildaTreskie, and Raven for giving me some comments of encouragement which were exactly what I needed to hear at the time! Love you…


Hey everyone! So sorry that I haven't been posting much lately, the play's opening night is on Thursday and I'm already really nervous even though I only have four lines. I've been super busy with that but also I've just got a ton on my plate (hence the title) so I'll try to post more once this play is over. I know, boring post, but I have to get to work on homework and such.
Love, July

Tubesday: I'm Reading a Book

Well, happy Tubesday to you all! I love Julian Smith's videos. I posted one before, the Malk one, and now I'm doing another. I can totally relate to this video this is totally me, well, except for the stealing part! Haha. Watch the video here on this blog or click HERE to watch it directly from YouTube.

Tubesday: Lauren Jauregui

I LOVE this girls hair.... That is basically the reason I chose this for Tubesday. Do you think that's natural (the curl I mean)? Plus her voice is amazing. Either watch it on my blog or click HERE to watch it directly from YouTube.

Books. Better When They've Been Worn by Many Hands

So last Friday I went to a used book sale with Sea and Christine hoping to get some great buys! Well, Sea got some LOTR books and Christine got a bunch of murder mysteries.... I got a variety of things. Then we went back to my house and watched Disney movies :) Anyway, back to the book sale. There were a lot of old books there, which is ok, but also they were adult books. I still found a few things though! I have plenty of books to read right now, I won't go on a shortage any time soon! I also just finished Gabby Douglas's autobiography which was GREAT! I'll do a review on it shortly, I've been busy with play stuff going on, you know. 
But back to used books. Don't you just agree that there's something charming from books that come from somebody else's hand? It's like they have their own story behind the pages, things they've been though, stuff like that. Plus you don't know who's had it, and each person has their own story and you never kno…

Book Review: Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Hey! So I figured out how to put a "video" directly on my blog with a little help from Sea J, so here's my book review! I made this "video" a couple weeks ago, so here goes. I realize that my voice sounds super stupid, so don't make fun because that's not how I sound in real life..... Haha. I usually don't talk about things that I do in this book review so please don't take me as a bad person.... I'm doing an honest review. July

A Few Stray Ideas and Housecleaning

Well, hello there! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've run out of inspiration since that video wouldn't work. Does anyone know how to put a video on YouTube so you all can watch it?
I apologize, I really need to do my February dare yet, which was wearing mismatched shoes to school, hopefully I can do that tomorrow since we didn't have school today :P
Does anyone have ideas for a March "dare"? I'll put them on a poll again when I get a few so you can vote.
I'm gonna do another book review soon, I just need to find a book worth reviewing first.... LOL! That reminds me, I really need to go to the library! I don't have anything to read right now.
Um, well our 8th grade play is in a little more than two weeks and even with only four lines, I'm already freaking out.... I get super stage fright. For example, when I had a duet with Carter for our ensemble at Christmas, I felt sick for the whole week before it and at the night I nearly aske…