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I'm here and I'll be posting soon!

Congressmen and radio hosts

Hello! This is July! Sorry I haven't been posting regularly lately because of exams, and other stuff I've been busy with. Sadly, this could be my last post of the school year which means that I have to give my laptop back on Tuesday and probably will only be able to post once a week on a friends computer during the summer because my home computer doesn't do blogger *mad face*. Oh, and I won't be able to do pics either. But believe me, I'll be taking tons of my family's vacation to Colorado in July (the month lol) and other stuff I'm doing this summer. Here is just a few things I have planned:

a childcare thing at my church this summer while the mother's all do aerobics (last year the kids had little horns on their heads, so hopefully the new kids will be angels this year)I also have a mini dog walking business I guess you could call it and I'll be walking a few dogs twice a week this summer (one dog's quite fat, so it's good I'm coming!)H…

Books, Books, Everywhere!

Hey guys! Just recently I discovered a blog called Books, Books, Everywhere. I LOVE their blog! It is made up of four people, AJ, Avery, Josh, and Carter, who are all eighth graders and total book worms. I follow and suggest that you check out their blog too. Happy blogging and click here to visit their blog.