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Tubesday: Colton Dixon

Happy 200th post!!!!
Anyway, this is a video of a kid my youth pastor showed me. He could be as big as 1D in my eyes! For one, he was on American Idol and made it to the top 9, I think anyways.... But the big thing for me is that he's really cute and he's a Christian! I was proud that he didn't keep that a secret either like someone who has potential to be really famous, but he declared it openly.
Well, he was at the Passion Conference 2013 which I really, really wanted to go to, but couldn't because it's only for college kids. Francis Chan was there, as well as Louie Giglio and many other great Christian artists!
Colton Dixon was there and even though he screwed up the first bit of the song, I don't care. I still love him. He's actually set as my desktop picture on my laptop right now! :0)
The first video is from Passion 2013 and the second is another one of my favorite songs that I like that he sang on American Idol.
Enjoy and check out his hair! 

Book Review: T4 by Ann Clare LeZotte

Bonjour! So today we have another "snow" day (in quotation marks because it's actually raining and making things slippery) so I thought I'd review a book read a few days ago. Sorry it's gonna be a short one, it was a short book! ~July

AUTHOR: Ann Clare LeZotte
GENRE: historical fiction
SYNOPSIS:  It's 1939, and in a little house in Germany, on a street lined with poplar trees, Paula Becker and her family have come to accept that she is deaf. Paula communicates with her own creative hand signs. She helps her mother cook and watches over her younger sister. At church, the organ's hum shakes her whole body and soul. At home, she awaits the tapping paw of her dog's touch.  But it is the onset of World War II, and Adolf Hitler's Tiergartenstrasse, or T4, is the headquarters where the Nazi regime maintains strict orders to kill any mentally ill or disabled people. At 13, in fear for her life, Paula must leave home and go into hiding. Written in free…

My Best Art Project EVER

I drew this in art. This picture does not do it justice.  I call it my "Cow-Fish-Pirate".

THIS IS THE BEST YET! On Account of the Sentence Story That Is Taking Place Right Now.....

Hello! So we're doing another sentence story as all of you might know, and in my opinion, this one is realllllllllllly fun! There are so many different ways it could go and it is definitely different than others we've had. I'd love to have you participate, there are plenty of spots open and if we run out, I'll make more :) Click HERE to visit it, this is just what we have so far! But please stick to the rules, or I'll have to make things stricter and I really don't want to do that. We haven't had a problem so far, but last time things got a bit out of hand sometimes and one or two people were dictating the story. Ok, that's my rant. Sorry for that and just read now. Or visit the doc, whatever works. Love all my readers, July

Blue- July
Pink- Hilda
Orange- Seana
Gold- Ruby
Teal- Audrey
Purple- Hermione
Red- Maria

It was mid-afternoon before it all began. Candace was just sitting at her computer, browsing the past comments on her blog when the phone rang. She got u…

Haha, I Was Just Caught Red-Handed

I was avoiding my homework and reading posts on Dear Blank, Please Blank website which are really funny (but please note: not all are completely appropriate, I just skip those) and all the sudden I saw this:

I was like, "Whoa! This is so me, like, rightnow!"
So now I'm gonna start working. Well soon. Maybe ten minutes, we'll see.
Love the procrastinator,

I Feel Like I'm Inside a Snow Globe!

We haven't had much snow here this year which is a rarity in Michigan. But on Monday morning we didn't have school and I woke up and the ground was covered with SNOW! White and fluffy, cold and wet, beautiful and stunning, SNOW! I went over to my friend Rae's house and Rae, Jessie and I played in the snow for a while, but it got really cold because of the negative degrees windchill, so we camped out in the doghouse. Finally when we were let back inside, we had hot chocolate with tons of mini marshmallows and globs of whipped cream. Yum!
(Scroll down for more)

Tuesday I woke up for school and was surprised that it was canceled because of a snow day! I was so happy and I went back to sleep for a few hours. Then I went to Rae's house again and we went outside with nothing but boots and sweatshirts to see how long we would last. Not long I tell you! It was freezing! After we came inside we had more hot chocolate while roasting mini marshmallows on toothpicks over a candle.…

Fun Picture Post

This is a fun one, I wanna know what you would wish for!
I would wish for either true love, or world peace. That's my honest answer, don't make fun xD

Tubesday: A Thousand Years, by Christina Perri

So today I feel like I owe you a post because, well, I just don't know. Anyway, exams went well, the ones I thought would be hard weren't as hard as I thought, and the one I thought would be ok, was actually the hardest, but we got our grades back and I did ok on that. Yesterday was a fake "snow day" which is a day they give us every year just to be off from school. Today, I woke up and I found out that we had a real snow day! I was actually surprised about that because we've barely had any snow all winter and this weekend we got like 5-6 inches!
I went to my friend Rae's house and Jess was there too. We watched Once Upon a Time, the first season though, and that's like me new favorite show! My favorite character was Gram/Huntsman, but then changed to Mary Margaret/Snow White.

So today is Tubesday, so here's a video of one of my favorite songs! It was written for the Twilight series, but I still love it. There are clips from the Twilight movie …

Picture Post

I thought this was cute!

Banquet Dresses Post #2

So a long time ago, I posted pictures of possible dresses for the banquet. This is what I said:

So at the end of 8th grade this year, we have a banquet for all the 8th graders as a kind of "last hurrah" of middle school. So everybody dresses up really prettily (I know because I was a server last year and saw the dresses) with a fancy dress, fancy hair, fancy makeup, and fancy shoes and jewelry. So I thought it'd be fun to post dresses that I think are cute and get your feedback on what you think! It can't be strapless (dress code rule), so I'd obviously have to cover up strapless dresses with a sweater or cardigan as you "fashionistas" call it :) 

What do you guys think? Would you wear these dresses? July

"How Does Your Imagination Imagine Me" Answers

So on Sunday, I did this "How Does Your Imagination Imagine Me" thing and thanks to all of you who commented on that post! It was very interesting to find out how you thought of me!

So here's the original questions and the answers in italics!
Do you think I am/I have:

1.) tall or short          medium height, more towards the tall side
2.) skinny or chubby      average, but more toward the skinny side
3.) short hair or long hair      a little longer than my shoulders
4.) brown, black, red, blond, dirty-blond, or dyed hair      dirty-blond hair, I've never dyed it
5.) thick hair or thin hair        I consider it thick
6.) super fashionable or not        not fashionable at all
7.) glasses or no       no glasses
8.) makeup or no makeup        no makeup at all
9.) always painted nails or never painted nails     never painted nails
10.) always accessorized or not       I have double pierced ears and wear a watch
11.) light skin or dark skin         light skin, well I'm caucasian,…

Tubesday: Malk

This is for you, Sea. Sorry, if any piece of this video offends you. I find it quite funny.

Memory Monday

Hello faithful readers, and for that I thank you, today I decided to start something new. Memory Monday. I was trying to fall asleep last night and out of the blue, I just thought of this! So like Tubesday, which hardly ever happens because I forget about it, Monday will be a special day where I post a memory I have from my past or whatever. I don't want to forget them, and maybe they'll be interesting for you to read too, I don't know. I'll try to be less forgetful about Memory Monday and Tubesday, but knowing me, I'll probably forget anyway xD
I will post the answers for the "How Does Your Imagination Imagine Me" thing hopefully Wednesday, but I have exam this week so things might get a bit delayed since exams prioritize before blogging :(
Now for the memory!

When I was four years old, or in preschool, which would be exactly 10 years ago, we were sitting at tables doing alphabet crafts where you would cute out letters from magazines and sort the letters…

How Does Your Imagination Image Me?

Have you ever wondered what you favorite blog authors look like? I mean, doesn't everyone have a picture in their mind of how somebody looks? Especially of somebody who they've never met but only know a bit of the personality of?
I was thinking lately, wondering really, how you imagined me. I obviously don't have any real pictures of me on this blog even though I have posted a picture before that has me and Seana in it, you would never be able to find us in it though.
But anyway, I'm really curious how you imagine I me, image-wise and personality-wise!
Do you think I am/I have:

1.) tall or short
2.) skinny or chubby
3.) short hair or long hair
4.) brown, black, red, blond, dirty-blond, or dyed hair
5.) thick hair or thin hair
6.) super fashionable or not
7.) glasses or no
8.) makeup or no makeup
9.) always painted nails or never painted nails
10.) always accessorized or not
11.) light skin or dark skin
12.) pale or tan
13.) mostly outgoing or not
14.) introvert or extr…

Guest Post by Hilda

"Hey guys! Hilda here. I don't know what to say, so I have a poem here to share with you. But before I do, I just want to say that please support your fellow bloggers by visiting their blogs and comment. Also join in on their special events like giveaways, contests, etc. We are a community and it would be very kind if we could all show our support. But I also understand that not everyone has the time. So, just do the best you can and do what your heart tells you. :)

This poem I wrote last year is called:

by (c) 2012 Hilda Leticia Dominguez


I look up at the dark sky,
What do I see?
A shooting star flying by,
Wouldn’t you believe?

I admire the jewels,
Of up above,
Also the animals,
Like the dove.

But one of these is greatest of all,
Is the gift of friendship,
Most of all.

A friend who makes you laugh
And hears your day’s bad story,
Who stands by your side,
And tells you not to worry.

A good friend is like a gem.
So precious and special.
Show them that you love them.
Gratitude is…

Spelling Bee Results!

Ok, so I'll make this quick because I still have a bit of homework to do.
I was in the spelling bee right? Yeah, I was. So I didn't even study, and didn't expect to make it past the first round, but I got an easy word. At the moment, it has slipped my mind. Anyway, so I made it past and I was sooooo glad one of my goals was accomplished! My second goal was that I wouldn't be the first one out. That worked fine to because Cal, being the hilarious guy that he is, got out right away. On his first word. He was ok with it though because he doesn't take much seriously, which is a good thing in life if you ask me, which none of you did.
Anyway, it was the third round and my turn was next. I twist around in my seat and do the traditional back crack before I go up. Topher, the kid before me (also short for Christopher), had just gotten out and my heart beat sped up instantly as I stepped up the the microphone, all eyes on me.
"Alright July, your word is environment.&qu…

Sentence Story #2 Winner!!

So as some of you might know and others of you probably forgot about, we had a sentence story contest so today I'm gonna announce the winner. I only got one entry, so that person basically wins easy!
I think I might discontinue the sentence stories because it's a bit discouraging when you only get one entry and when on the actual sentence story, you have set clear rules but they get broken no matter how many times you ask the people to stop. That just takes the fun out of it for me and others. I'll set a pole out though about whether you guys want to continue it or just be done.
So the winner is.......................... HILDA! Congrats Hilda! Hilda, you win a guest post and if we decide to continue the sentence story, you get the high and mighty privilege of writing the very first sentence :D I'll let you know if we will do that or not later. So here's the original story for those who haven't gotten a chance to read it before and at the bottom will be Hilda…