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Tubesday: Christmas Edition


The Christmas "Debbie Downer" and "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Tomorrow while everyone in America who celebrates Christmas is opening their presents, I will be moping around staring at the unopened presents under the tree calling my name, "Julyyyyy, July, Julyyyyyyyy!"
The reason? My brother's health has taken a turn for the worst, he's basically been sleeping all day other than waking up to barf every once and a while. Poor kid. THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS! We can't even have our traditional Christmas Eve dinner tonight. We always do special things on Christmas Eve, like baking cookies, watching Christmas movies, and reading "The Night Before Christmas".
Speaking of "The Night Before Christmas", here it is for y'all to read it. Merry Christmas all! 
Oh and watch this video because not only are they fun to watch, they are sooooo good at what they do!

The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by th…

The Products of My Boredom

So yesterday was only the first day of Christmas break and I'm already bored..... So bored that I went downstairs and rummaged around until I found my old beads and started making bracelets and for those of you who know me well enough, anything artsy I attempt turns into a disaster......
I'm actually pretty proud of my bracelets though, well at least two of them. The other two, not so much.
Here's they are!

So what do you think? Tell me which ones your favorite! Sorry, maybe you don't like any of them, but that's ok because I'm obviously not the most artsy person. Just keep your rude opinions to yourself please!

Winterlicious Tag!!

Thank you so much to Lily who has tagged me for this award type thing, I am now doing my third award in a row. I will do a normal post soon now that I am not Christmas break, so don't worry about that :)
Ok here we go. 

Favorite Winter Movie: Either the Polar Express or the Charlie Brown Christmas special
Favorite Winter Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Winter Drink: Butter Beer Lattes, hot chocolate, chai tea lattes
Favorite Winter Accessory: Christmasy earrings :)
One thing on your Christmas List: new cowboy boots (the real kind, not the fake kind)
One thing you regret: I accidentally showed my brother his gift....
Five Pictures something to do with winter or random:

And now I tag: Emma Audrey Ruby A different Lily than the one that tagged me :)
Just do what I did :) July

Sentence Story Contest!

Sorry for the double post, but I just have to get this out there! 
Anyway, as some of you might recognize, this is the Sentence Story that a number of us wrote! Thank you all who participated in that! So we only got so far, and I thought it would be fun to have a contest of who could wrap up the story the best. It is only open to you if you participated in writing the original story, so sorry about that, but it's only fair. But don't worry, I will start another one soon. All you have to do is write an ending that corresponds to the story and don't change anything that we have already written. The prize is a guest post on my blog (yaya) and if you want, you can start the first sentence of the new Sentence Story that I will be starting after this is over. I ask that if you participate, send your entry to by January 7, 2013 and good luck!  One request is that you would please type with correct grammar and mechanics because it is very annoying to read witho…

A Special Occasion

So today, being an extremely special occasion, I thought I'd do a quick post in honor of my bestie's birthday. You may even know this person, follow her even! Ok. So without further ado, HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEANA!

Now I want you all to get off my blog this instant and head on over to Sea's blog where you will wish her a very happy birthday. Don't forget and if at all possible, spam her on Twitter for me :)

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Emma, one of the worlds greatest bloggers in my opinion, nominated me for another award..... ok I know I shouldn't complain but most awards take forever to do! Well I might as well get started.....

Rule 1: Thank the blogger who nominated you.

Thank you, Emma. :)

Rule 2: Place the award on your site.


Rule 3: Share 7 random things about yourself.

1. I'm LOVE One Direction and I can tell you anything about them so just ask 
2. My favorite foods are couscous and spaghetti, and pizza, and hamburgers, and pickles, and fried rice, and Chinese noodles
3. I would trade my own life for the lives of the 26 people who died in Connecticut 
4. I have an obsession with Bath & Body Works hand sanitizers
5. I am not a Belieber, but I respect Beliebers. I am not a Swifty, and I only respect some Swifty's such as Emma.
6. My favorite season is fall because I love fall scents and fall is always so beautiful
7. If I could have one wish come true it would either be moving to Europe or meeting On…