Winterlicious Tag!!

Thank you so much to Lily who has tagged me for this award type thing, I am now doing my third award in a row. I will do a normal post soon now that I am not Christmas break, so don't worry about that :)
Ok here we go. 

Favorite Winter Movie: Either the Polar Express or the Charlie Brown Christmas special
Favorite Winter Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Winter Drink: Butter Beer Lattes, hot chocolate, chai tea lattes
Favorite Winter Accessory: Christmasy earrings :)
One thing on your Christmas List: new cowboy boots (the real kind, not the fake kind)
One thing you regret: I accidentally showed my brother his gift....
Five Pictures something to do with winter or random: 

Ice hockey, my all time favorite thing
Building snow men
Hot Cocoa
Sleigh Rides
Snowball fights

And now I tag:
A different Lily than the one that tagged me :)

Just do what I did :)


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