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My Thoughts on The Blizzard Ball

Hallooooo! Do any of you get that reference? No? Didn't think you would. Anyway, this past Saturday my school held a dance called TheBlizzard Ball (a Sadie Hawkins dance, and NO I didn't NOT ask anyone!)and I decided to go. This dance was a lot more fun than the last one and I danced with a lot more people too. The homecoming dance in September was so horrible that I wasn't even going to go to this one, but my friend Leanne and I went to the mall and both of us just happened to buy dresses for this dance.... So I went.
On Saturday afternoon, I found myself at Seana's with Evelyn, Sayre, and Katie to help each other get ready and to just have a good laugh. And we sure did laugh!
Anyway, it was a ton of fun, especially eating pizza together and having a mini photo shoot doing crazy things in our dresses.

The Outfit:

My dress was blue with a beautiful lace pattern on it. I wore leggings underneath so I wouldn't have to worry about flashing anyone and I could be carefre…

Happy Valentines Day!

Hello to all my lovely readers out there. It's Valentines Day, and this year I'm celebrating alone (again), but, I really don't need a man in my life as a freshman in high school. Really, I don't.
Anyway, today we are playing the heart game in school where girls wear a heart around their necks and aren't allowed to talk to guys outside of classes or at lunch. If they do, the guy "wins" their heart. So far, I'm all good. I still have my heart around my neck, and I don't plan on giving it away any time soon ;)
Oh, and just to let you know, I'm writing this during class. Whoops. I'm a rebel.

Honestly, I think Valentines Day is stupid, but in choir this morning, someone said something that I thought was really cool.
She told us that she was going about on this day with the mindset that this isn't just a day to celebrate boyfriend/girlfriend/marriage relationships, it's a day to love on everybody. I think that's absolutely brilliant…

Disaster Writing Contest RESULTS!

I'm sure you've all been waiting in anticipation for this, and I know it's three days late, but here is the results post for my disaster writing contest! As I said before, every single one of the entries was awesome. I enjoyed reading each one and you guys should definitely continue your pieces because I would love to hear the conclusions. Click HERE to read the entries.

To remind you all, the prize was a guest post right here on my blog and a lifetime supply of air! Woo. So get excited. Ooh, and for those of you who didn't skip to the end of this post for the results and actually see this, comment "chopsticks" and I will also provide you with a lifetime supply of air. You're welcome. Click HERE to read my official rules and details about the contest.

Alright, enough of me talking. I know you're all here to find out the winner, so without further ado, I will announce it. I just want to make it clear that everybody deserves to win, but only one person …

Fictional Life Tag

Wonderful bloggers, it is my pleasure to announce that I am back. After a brief absence, I have returned to you all and without further ado, here is today's post!
Reminder: Vote for your favorite entry in my writing contest HERE. If you've already voted, go and tell all of your friends to come vote because I want to see my comment modification box explode! Voting closes on February 10.

Since I don't have a lot of time to create a totally awesome post today, I am going to do a tag I discovered on another blog (source below). Anyone may feel free to snatch this tag up and do it for themselves! I think it's quite a good idea and a fun one to do.

Fictional Life Tag.

1.What fictional world would you live in?
Europe. I've never been there so it's basically fictional, right? ;)

2. What fictional being would you be?
A common mortal. 

3. What fictional animal/creature would you keep as a pet?
A centaur because it's a horse that can also talk to you like a human! :) Of cour…