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How kind!

Wow! I won an award! Thanks Sea! She is the one who nominated me if you didn't know. This is a lot of work... and I have things to do, but I'll make a bit of time- as long as it won't take too long! The rules (who's big idea was it to have rules?):  I must answer ten questions (Do I have to?).  I must give ten random facts (I'm simply overcome with joy).  I must pass it on to seven doomed recipients (I hope they survive it). What is your favorite song?  I have a lot of favorites, but I'd have to say God Gave me You by Blake Shelton (sigh) What is your favorite dessert?  My grandma's cherry pie! No wait, ice cream? I don't know. Who invented these dumb questions anyway? What ticks you off?  My brother playing with the radio while he's driving. There's the end of me (he drives me everywhere and can't settle on a station)! When you’re upset, what do you do?  I get super quiet and go sit down with a huge bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream to read.


Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on my computer all weekend.... so I haven't posted. Well I can't any more tonight, but I promise I will post again tomorrow so don't panic!

Last soccer game: results!

Hey everyone! Yesterday I mentioned our last soccer game and it turns out, we won! Last time we played that team they smashed us, but this time we won 3:1! I was really happy and all. But my friend Emaline got headed in the face and today at school she had a big black and blue mark around her eye from it... It was really fun though and at the end of the game we got a big Gatorade and a very nice card that she wrote specifically for all of us. I'm kinda sad that the season is done and can't wait for next year! Thankfully this summer I'll be doing a soccer camp with the 8th grade coach and another great teacher Mr. Angler. I can't wait but sadly Christine is not doing it with me because she doesn't want to improve her skills. Actually she had another excuse, which I thought was kinda lame (no offense Christine) but it's too long to type out. Who else played sports this year and how did you all do?
My brother is in high school and he got his year book a couple days…

Last Game today!

Hey readers! Today is my last soccer game..... I'm kinda sad, but it will be good to have some time to myself again. Soccer takes up a ton of time! Wish Christine and me luck! I really have to work on some homework before the game, so I'll talk to you later. In your spare time take this quiz that I discovered today while trying to find a picture of a cartoon dog... it said I was Po by the way.....
It's a cute quiz and NO I'm not three years old although if you ask Sea, sometimes people might think so...

Check this out!


I'm Backkk!

Hey girls! I've arrived home from camp! Thanks so so much for your advice, but my final decision was to  come home. I was much happier that way anyway because if I wouldn't been there I would have been worrying all day about not being home and, well you know. It was very fun though and we picked a school theme for next year and learned how to be leaders (since we'll be 8th graders next year and the younger kids will be looking at us to see how to fit in). I swam in the lake with Chris (tine) but Sea and Rianna (another good friend of ours) didn't want to. They also had a high ropes course which was 32 feet high, a outdoor rock wall, and a zip line! That was really fun. We also had to go Geo-cashing but my groups GPS didn't work so the teacher in charge of that station just told us where to go. The theme we picked is Shaped by Christ with the verse
Isaiah 64:8
Yet, O Lord, you are our Father. 
We are the clay, you are the potter; 
we are all the work of your hand.

I real…

Today, I need *your* advice!

Hey guys,
You know I'm usually the one to give advice, but today I would appreciate your advice so, so much. So we have a camp coming up for our school and last time we went, I got so homesick to the point of barfing... ok you didn't need to know that, did you? I get homesick every single time I go anywhere over night. I don't do sleepovers, unless they are at my grandma's and I'm feeling really good because even though it's at my grandma's house, I still don't do them. But the problem with this camp is that it's like an hour and a half away so I can't come home if I really need to. Plus we are going with the 8th grade teachers, who I don't know and they don't know me or my problems. So I have two options:
1- tough it out no matter how many times I hurl
2- go home at night with a teacher who is not staying and come back in the morning

Which one should I pick because those of you who have been sick with the stomach flu lately, know how un-…

And the winner is......

Hey guys!
So you know I had a pole for the cover of my book (you could vote for your favorite cover and title). The title options were Stephie or Dancing in the Rain and the winner was.......... Dancing in the Rain! 
*Just a note*
The title and cover may change in the future so don't be alarmed.

And the cover that won... I'm sure you're all wondering, belonged to Abbi from
Congrats Abbi! Your cover won the vote! Thank you so much for making the cover for me.

And everybody else, I really appreciate your submissions for the contest, every single one of yours was great too.

Make sure that you remember to vote for the horse name as well! And click here to visit our sentence story, it looks like that has come to a pause and we need more writers! Thanks for your help!

One more thing, I promise, just one. Click here to visit Sea's and my shared blog. Please follow us and submit recipe and craft suggestions to either

The Creative Clique!

Hey everybody!
Big news! Sea and I decided to start a blog together called The Creative Clique! But don't be fooled by the name, we welcome all followers with open arms! Check it out here and try to be the first to follow besides Sea and I who follow our own blogs. Yup I know, cheesy, right?
Can't wait to meet you there!


Hey everybody! Just a reminder that there is only one day left to vote for which cover you like best (on the right side of my blog)! So if you haven't done that yet click here to see the covers that are up for option. Also, make sure you vote for the horse name you like best (also on the right side of my blog) soon. I really appreciate your opinions!

Another little house cleaning thing is that I have a sentence story thing going and I need your help keeping it running! Click here for info and here get to the story! Make sure that you read the instructions before you write and enjoy!

Armswag ;)

Thefirsttime I heardtheterm "Armswag" wasin theBrazilian blogsthat are alwaysat the cutting edgeof fashion.It basically consists ofusing multiplebraceletsinvarious designs,colors andstyles, all at once, making amixthat createsadifferentand bold look -gold, silver, neon,beads, leather, thin, thick, even the watchcanjoin the dance! The keys aremixingand composing! Toavoid falling intoexaggerationor ridicule one has to use not onlycreativity, but also to have good taste,so that the piecesharmonizewith each other andare mixed withconsistency,charm andelegance, butin a style thatis funeither.So nowis we have to go for it,gather allthe braceletswe haveat home,choose themcarefully,adornour arms andjoin thefreedom to innovate! Shall we?
~ Aida (

Or in my definition: Random bracelets that you find around the house and then cram all on one arm haphazardly and call it "Armswag".