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Hey guys! So for probably over half a year now, I've been searching for a cover for my book, Stephie or Dancing in the Rain (I haven't decided what title yet) and now I finally have all I need. At least I hope so! So I need your help deciding on which one to choose! I set up a pole on the right side of my blog (you can vote for the cover and title you like)
Dancing in the Rain 1

cover made by myself

Dancing in the Rain 2

cover made by Abbi

Dancing in the Rain 3

cover made by Christine

Stephie 1

cover made by Sea J

Stephie 2

cover made by myself

* * * NOTE * * *
Just so you know, Abbi is making a duplicate 
cover with the title Stephie on it, so that will be 
"Stephie 3" on the pole
also, I don't know if duplicate covers of 
"Dancing in the Rain 3" or "Stephie 1" with 
the opposite titles will be available

Help me decide by voting on the right side of my blog with your favorite title and cover!


  1. STEPHIE? I love that title, choose one of the Stephie ones :))


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