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Somehow, the world is still spinning.

<originally published on 11/09/16 but republished on 06/02/17>

*please excuse this massive thought vomit*

So I'm guessing you've all heard the news by now. Whether you're a citizen of the United States of America or not, I'm sure the whole world was watching what played out on the night of November 8 at America's polls. Every four years we elect a new president through series of debates, a cutdown, more debates, and eventually a public vote between two main candidates (with the help of the electoral college, of course). This year, the stakes were especially high, given the two candidates.... a democratic liar and so called baby killer who put the nation at security risk, or a republican hothead whose disgustingly hateful words and policies spewed a trance of fear over the nation.

Somehow, we were supposed to pick one of these to be the new face of our country.
Somehow, we were supposed to make the choice between who is bad and who is worse.
Somehow, we were s…