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A Poem by July: A Man I Knew

Hello guysssss! So this is just going to be a quick post for y'all tonight because I still have to do my homework! 
Anyway, in my English class at school, we're working on a writing unit, and today we had to look at a whole bunch of different poem titles, pick one, and without reading the poem that goes with it, write our own poem based on the title. I chose the title "A Man I Knew" and I just thought I'd share it's rough draft with you! Please note that I am extremely inexperienced in poetry, and this hasn't been through much revision, so give me a little grace :)
Here goes nothing. 

A Man I Knew

my mind often wanders to the strong, yet equally soft man I knew the taste of him tickles my lips the familiar smell of cinnamon reminds my nose of him I remember how his rough hands against mine felt like sandpaper on already smoothed wood my ears still hear the sound of his voice, humming to himself as he worked on his truck and my legs still remember how they hung off…