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Adventures in Paradise: Yucatan, Mexico

Hellloooo! It's me, July. And I'm back from Mexico with many a story to tell!! I'm really excited about this post because I get to show you all of the great stuff I experienced while down in Mexico. I guess this post is basically my personal travel diary that you get to come in on, so enjoy my stories and pictures just as much as I enjoyed writing about them and reflecting on my amazing time :)
Also, I just realized as I got done writing this post that this computer doesn't have spell check. So bear with my spelling mistakes!!

Let's get started!

June 4: Day One This was our big travelling day! I was very nervous and excited because I had never been on a plane before or out of the country before. However, despite the nerves, I really enjoyed flying. I even saw a rainbow from the plane window while we were wayyyyy up in the air.  When we finally arrived in Merida, Mexico, the second we got out of the airport, we could already feel the intense heat. My friend Danielle…