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Hello everybody! I am in such a good mood right now because on Thursday, December 19, fifteen years ago, a life changing event happened. My bestie Seana J. Vixen was born. I am so blessed to have her in my life and honestly I probably wouldn't have made it out of middle school without her! Heehee! We've been best friends since about this time in 4th grade. I'm not even lying, but the second we spoke our first REAL words to each other, we were already stuck together like Bert and Ernie.

** I say first REAL words because in young fives (a grade between preschool and kindergarten) we had career day and all dressed up like what we wanted to be. Sea was a ballerina and she had what I thought was the MOST BEAUTIFUL TUTU EVER. During prayer or something when we were all sitting on the rug I reached out to touch it because I just couldn't resist. Well, I wasn't sneaky enough because she literally hissed at me to STOP IT. Not even kidding, she did.

Well, that's all I h…

Happy Tubesday!- In Summer ft. Olaf

Hello everybody! First off, Happy Tubesday! We'll get to the fun stuff later with that, but for right now, I have to ask a favor of you.
As some of you might know, Seana and I have a shared blog The Creative Clique. Every season, I try to make one new recipe, review it, and share the instructions for it on our blog and the way the recipe is selected is by you! I ask the followers to vote for which they would prefer. Now, I'm asking you to go and vote! I would appreciate that because most times, I don't get too many participators and that's what I count on. Click HERE! to vote or go to the latest post on The Creative Clique (link above).

That's it for that, so let's move on :)
Today's Tubesday is going to be a clip from Disney's Frozen which I've already seen it twice and this is one of my favorite songs. The snowman's name is Olaf and his is absolutely hilarious.
Ohhhhh! And guess what..... THIS IS A SING-ALONG! So enjoy!

Mischief Managed,

Random Friday: Quotes

Good afternoon everyone! Before I start this post, I just want to let you know that I'm working on a review of The Fault in Our Stars, so that will be out soon :)

Every Friday Emma from Awkwardly Emmahosts Random Fridays! Anyone can participate, so visit Emma's blog for details :)
This week's theme is quotes so I'm going to share a few quotes or sayings that I've pounced on throughout the years and others that I just found today!

I especailly love these from Nelson Mandela who went to his eternal home yesterday at age 95 in South Africa. He will always be remembered and studied by all in the future. 


Creeper in the Building....

Hello everyone! I have a slightly terrifying story to share with all y'alls. It doesn't sound that scary, however, the more you think about it, the more chilling it becomes.

It starts with a group project. In my 6th hour physics class, we were assigned to make a video about radioactivity, and in my group was Christine, AJ Ryan (you might remember that he has guest posted here before), and Jed. Before Thanksgiving break, we were given time to write the script and film. Yesterday (Monday), we were all planning on watching each group's videos and voting on which was most creative, funny, educational, etc., but there was a slight problem. Come Monday, AJ couldn't find his laptop and he recorded the video.

Ok, lemme back up a second. So, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we have a chapel after 1st hour. During chapel, which is in the auditorium, everyone leaves their backpacks out in the hall against the walls. It's been like that for years, and the teachers instruct …

Happy December!!

Hey!! We are now well on our way towards Christmas, and I don't know about you, but I'm excited! This post is probably going to be another short one, so sorry about that, but I promise I'll get some book reviews written soon! 
First of all, I finished my NaNo novel with a day to spare!! I reached my goal of 15,000 declaring me a winner. This year it's been a little more rocky for me because I've had the busiest November of my life, but I did manage to pull it out, and I'm proud of what I did. I continued on something I've already started called "Galaxy's World." Since I was so rushed to get it done, I know I will have to go back and make some major changes later, but for now, I'm just glad a finished!  Thanks to all the guest posters this year :)
Secondly, there is this writing "competition" at my school called Scripta and I'm entering it, I think. I have a poem written and I was wondering if there was anyone who is a great e…

NaNoWriMo Guest Post: Emma (and what's coming up!)

Hey everyone! I am in a fantastic mood because it's snowing!! I'm hoping and praying for a snow day tomorrow (well I guess that's today since this post has been written the night before), but I doubt that will happen :(  News flash: It's almost Thanksgiving :) I am thankful because I think I might just complete my NaNo goal after all! Or if I don't, I'll be this close *holds up arms to show you how close.* Now that musical is done, I'll have a little more time to write and I'm really optimistic about it.  I haven't really had time to post much this month, but I do have some fun things in store!  I'm hoping to get a few more entries in my writing contest in which you can find the requirements for HERE so I can carry on with the whole judging process soon.  Also, I just finished The Fault in our Stars by John Green, and I'm planning on reviewing that soon.  In addition to that, I wanted to write a post about my whole Fiddler on the Roof experience …

NaNo Guest Post- Annanya

Hello everyone! I apologize for not posting lately, it seems like I end up saying that on every post, but I really have been busy. Hopefully I can write a couple of good posts during Thanksgiving break this week (well, we don't have the whole week off, just Thursday and Friday). Anyway, here's one of this week's guest posts!  Today it is written by Annanya who is from India! I just started talking to her about a month and a half ago and she is a very sweet girl with an interest in learning languages and writing! I don't know much about her yet because we are just starting to get to know each other, but she gladly volunteered for a guest post to review a book she's read :) Click HERE to visit her blog! 
Room by Emma Donoghue

Summary- A five year old boy, lives in a locked room with his Ma. His name is Jack, he has a TV in the room and he thinks the things in the TV are fictional like other people, cars, airplanes etc. Things change when Ma tells there is a world outsid…

NaNoWriMo Guest Post: Seana J. Vixen (and my NaNo update)

Hey! First off on this post, is going to be a NaNo update. My word goal was 20,000 words and I was very confident I could write that this year, however I did not think I would be as busy as I am with the musical. (Our shows are next week Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday!! we still have so much to do!) The first few days of NaNo I was writing like crazy. I got up to around 10,000 which seems really far along, but it took me a long time. I really haven't made any progress at all after that though, because I have musical every day after school, except today, until 6:00-6:30. I don't get home until 7:00. Then I still have to do all my homework to do, plus showering, and all my normal chores such as dishes, cleaning up, etc. Let's just say NaNo is not going well right now and I think I might have to lower my word goal. *dismay*
Now let me introduce this week's guest poster!! Her name is Seana J. Vixen.... you guys may have heard of her ;) Anyway, Sea is one of my be…

NaNoWriMo Guest Post: Hilda Leticia Dominguez

It's July! Since it's November, I am going to have one or two guest posts every week for the month.  I shall quickly introduce today's guest poster and then I must get back to writing! Hilda is my "sister" and an awesome supporter of people's blogs, writings, ideas, etc. She speaks Spanish and English (which is the coolest thing ever!) and has a very strong faith. Visit her blog HERE! Also, buy her book, The Invisible Spy,HERE! I will be reviewing it after NaNo is done so watch for that :) Thanks so much Hilda <3  *sorry about the lack of sentence length variation, I've been writing for a long time and I'm a little exhausted at the moment..... Love, July
"Hey guys, Hilda here. July is busy expanding her cranium on NaNoWriMo and letting her creative juices flow. Good luck to you Sis! Let's help her out by saying a little prayer for her.

     Since this month of November lots of busy writers and authors will be doing the NaNoWriMo, I thought,…


Hellooooooo! Happy Halloween everybody! What silly character are you imitating this year? I'm either going as a princess or a Harry Potter character :) You may think I'm a little too old for trick or treating, but I beg to differ! It doesn't matter how old you are when you go as long as you still have the spirit of a youngster in your heart. I couldn't resist making this post and adding this video to it.... This has got to be my favorite clip ever from all the Charlie Brown movies!

I sure hope you have better luck than good ol' Chuck (hey that rhymed :D) and Happy Halloween! Mischief Managed! July

Tubesday: Special Halloween Edition

Since this week is Halloween..... I am sharing Michael Jackson's "Thriller."
This video is quite interesting, and if you scare easily, please don't watch it! It's a Halloween themed video and song, so obviously it's a bit creepy. My dad said this was the "big video" when he was a kid and it was the thing his generation talked about.
I had mixed feelings about using this as a Tubesday video because I don't believe in werewolves, skeletons coming up from the grave to haunt people, or any of those things and I don't want you to get the idea that I do! Honestly, the only reason I'm sharing this is because the dancing is cool and I like the Michael Jackson's teeth when he smiles at his girl! Haha.

Ok, this next part is going to be one MINOR spoiler for the video so if you don't want to read that, scroll down a ways until you find the normal font color again!


In the video things are a paradox. First, Michael and his gir…

Question of the Day!

Hey everyone! How have your Mondays been? Mine's been normal, and thankfully I wasn't pounded with homework like I expected to be!

I need at least four guest posters for November while I do NaNoWriMo! Please comment below ASAP if you are interested, and if you are, I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER! You can post about whatever you want, as long as you run the topic by me first! Please help me! :)

Time for a random story that leads up to the question of the day, haha :P
Every morning in choir class, we have a "question of the day" where someone volunteers to pick out a folded index card and reveal the question that both the teachers would have to answer. On the first day of school we all wrote one and passed them forward to go to the bowl. Questions range from "What was your first concert?" to "Most embarrassing moment" to "Scariest experience?" and today's question was "If every day of the week was a specific color, what would …

Random Fridays: Costumes

Welcome to Random Fridays!
This is an event hosted every week by Emma! This week it's about cool costumes and you can click HERE to visit her post!
I decided to take this post a bit of a strange way, but I couldn't resist :)

I saved the best two for last!

Hope you enjoyed!  Mischief Managed, July 

Tubesday- Disney Medley

你好 (Nǐ hǎo)! This is July :) Well, who else would it be? I'm here to wish you a very happy Tubesday with this wonderful a cappella Disney Medley! I love this and it definitely gets better as it goes along. The guys are really funny and obviously they don't care at all what others think :) If you love Disney as much as me, I know you'll love this clip!

Writing Contest!! Please enter :)

Hey guys! I think I shall be holding a writing contest!
So basically if you choose to enter you will be writing the best beginning of a story that you can. I will be giving you the topic, and your goal will be to write a quick snippet (200 words or less) that will leave the readers wanting more!
The topic for this one is "disastrous" so whatever that word makes you think of, write about! And be creative!

Ok now the rules:
- It must be under 200 words
- One entry only please
- Must be about whatever you think of when you think "disastrous"
- Must be edited to your ability (please don't leave your writing trashy with no corrections at all, but don't worry, I don't expect it to be perfect! haha)
- Please keep it age appropriate and clean! No language will be tolerated!
- Send your entry to

*Note* If I feel that your entry isn't appropriate for this contest, I will not except it, sorry!

Judging Info:
I will not be judging this co…

Random Fridays: Best Movies of 2013

Hey guys! Welcome to Random Fridays!

This is a thing every week hosted by Emma!
This week it's about the best movies this year. I had quite a few similar ones to Emma, but I also have quite a few that she does have so let's do this! (click HERE to view her post)

Movie: The Hobbit
Release date: December 14, 2012 (Sorry I'm cheating a little..... oops)
My reaction: This was a well filmed movie and I liked the actors but I really didn't get into the plot. LOTR has never been my thing but I tried this and it was better than I thought, but still not great. Just thought it was worth mentioning.

Movie: Les Miserables
Release date: December 25, 2012 (seriously it's close enough to 2013.... cut me some slack, haha)
My reaction: this movie was amazing! When I finally convinced my mom to let me see it, I got together with Sea and Christine and I didn't really know what to expect but was very pleasantly surprised at how well it was done! All the actors/actresses did an ama…

Tubesday: "What Does the Fox Say?"

Hey! Happy Tuesday. I miss you guys commenting on my blog, so if you are reading this, comment the word "Spaghetti" down below :)

Anyway, this video by a couple of Norwegians (that's what I was told) is really quite popular in my school right now.... I don't know if you guys have ever heard of it or seen the video, but apparently everyone loves it!
My English teacher told us that it was a parody to all rock music videos about how seriously they take themselves or something, but I'm not into rock and roll that much, so I wouldn't know.
Personally, I think it's kinda weird and it creeps me out a bit but it's also really amusing to me! Haha.
Mischief Managed!

Here is "What Does the Fox Say" by Ylvis.


Welcome! As I said, this post is going to be filled with fangirling. This post is basically just rambling on about how good he is but hey, I'm a fangirl. So watch out ;)
I wrote this for English class about my Ed experience:

The whole place exploded into a piercing chorus of screams. Ed Sheeran was walking over from the dugout to the moderate sized stage located on second base.
The crowd burst into a powerful chant, “ED! ED! ED! ED! ED!” and, of course, my voice joined in because this was the moment I had been awaiting for weeks and my heart was nearly bursting open with happiness. It all started one day when I was listening to the radio in the car with my mom and heard the announcement about a concert that was going to happen featuring “The Action Figures”, “Classified”, “Drop City Yacht Club”, “Ed Sheeran”, and “Jason Derulo”. Right then and there I told my mom I wanted to be there, but I wasn’t expecting it to really happen. When I got home, I googled details and found out that …