November 24, 2013

NaNo Guest Post- Annanya

Hello everyone! I apologize for not posting lately, it seems like I end up saying that on every post, but I really have been busy. Hopefully I can write a couple of good posts during Thanksgiving break this week (well, we don't have the whole week off, just Thursday and Friday). Anyway, here's one of this week's guest posts! 
Today it is written by Annanya who is from India! I just started talking to her about a month and a half ago and she is a very sweet girl with an interest in learning languages and writing! I don't know much about her yet because we are just starting to get to know each other, but she gladly volunteered for a guest post to review a book she's read :) Click HERE to visit her blog! 

Room by Emma Donoghue

Summary- A five year old boy, lives in a locked room with his Ma. His name is Jack, he has a TV in the room and he thinks the things in the TV are fictional like other people, cars, airplanes etc. Things change when Ma tells there is a world outside and they try to escape.

Good- the book is quite nice and engrossing I could not put it down easily! The book is written from the view of Jack, so there is a pinch of innocence in every line he says.
The book leaves you wondering what might've happened next. The sarcasm in the antagonist makes you wish you could go inside the book and beat him!

Bad-Nothing in the book was bad, this book was short listed for Man booker prize! There is no major adult content and when there is, its from an innocent view of Jack. 

Rating- 4.5 
A definite recommendation from my side!:)


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  1. I love this book! I tell everyone I know to read it!



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