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Around the World in 90 Days

Hello everyone! It feels like it's been a while since I've been here. But I'm back for now, and apparently you are too! Hopefully some type of post notification will alert you to my triumphant return :)

"July, where have you been?" That's a great question. And I have a pretty decent answer for you all. So give me two minutes to make a quick cup of tea and settle in (and I suggest you do the same) and then I shall begin.
Let me explain.
So many of you know that I am on a robotics team with an intense winter/spring season. Every year I think, "Oh, I can still keep up with blogging and go to robotics meetings!" But every year, that fails to happen, so, I'm sorry about that! Anyway, if you're wondering, my team did pretty well: winning our competition, advancing to the state competition, and then advancing to the world competition. Yes, WORLDS! If you remember, I went to worlds last year and it was super fun. Sadly this year I didn't go wit…