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Fictional World Writing Contest

Hello lovely people of the internet! I was thinking the other day about what to bring back on my blog that I haven't done in a while, and thought why not have another writing contest!? It's been nearly two years since I've done one (oh wow, how the time flies!), so a contest way overdue.

"Tell us the juicy details!" you say? Sure thing.
The prompt of this contest will be to create a story snippet about yourself set in your favorite fictional world, from either books, movies, other media, or even your own imagination. Since the word count is so small (200-350 words), your goal is to write something that will leave us wanting to read more, and show off your fictional world.
What do you say? Please give it a try!

There are a few rules that your entry must comply too... They are the following
- One entry only please
- You must be following me to enter
- It must be between 200 and 350 words, give or take some
- Must be about the given topic
- Must be edited to your ability …

8 2015 Books That I Plan On Reading

Hi guys! I've been in the process of putting this post together for a while now, and I've just now finished it. You see, I was planning to post it this past week, but we had exams and my life was probably the most stressful it's ever been because of studying, studying, sleeping, and then some more studying. It was crazy. Trust me. I was even so freaked out about my chemistry exam that I moved it to today instead of Wednesday, giving me a two extra days to prepare, which definitely payed off because I got a 95% on the exam, letting me pass the class with a 98%. So yay! I think I got all A's in all my classes, but not all of the exam grades have been put in yet. Ok, enough rambling now. Sorry, it's late, and my brain has been overloaded all week. 

Anyway, I thought I'd concoct a post about a whole bunch of books that come out this year that I want to read! I basically looked through a Goodreads list with tons and tons of books and picked out the ones that sounded …

2014 Highlights and What's Up For 2015

Helllllo! I hope your holiday celebrations were fantastic whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, or any other holiday that I am forgetting. So, it's 2015 which means I started my blog four years ago, in 2011. That's crazy talk people.
Anyway, 2014 went psychotically fast for me, but it was probably the best year of my life so far. Some highlights included:
*note that all are my photos*

A. Having the best foster dog in the world

B. Winning robotics competitions plus qualifying for worlds

C. Going back to Colorado

D. Seeing One Direction and Five Seconds of Summer in concert

E. Trying out for my school's advanced choral group
F. Playing handbells in front of around 1,200 people.
G. Performing a choir concert on the same stage as Ben Rector (who else can say they've done that?!?!)

H. Going to Chicago and seeing the giant Christmas tree plus all of the Christmas lights

I. Finding out my grandma is taking my whole family to Florida next Christmas
J. Being abl…