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It's Time to Ask July!

Hey y'all! My school is officially on spring break (WHOOOWHOOOO), so I'm finally free! My family is sticking around Michigan during this week and a half that I don't have school because the robotics state competition is coming up next weekend. I am super, super excited for that for two reasons- 1) because I think--and hope-- we're going to do really well and 2) because we get to play with teams that we haven't seen this year and I get to see my robot friends from those teams.
Two weekends ago, we played our "home competition" which is considered the toughest in Michigan, and we ended up in second place. I had a super fun weekend there because I presented my team's Chairman's presentation to the judges for the last time, hung out with friends from other teams, and caught up with some alumni who came to see how we were doing.

Anyway, while I've got nothing to do this spring break, I thought I'd try to make an "Ask July" post or vid…