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Good News! and Bad News

Hey bloggers! So I went to my new high school yesterday for what we call a "check-in day". I had a picture taken for my ID and when we went to pick my ID up a few minutes later, I looked at my picture and, oh, goodness, IT'S HORRIBLE. Oh well, everybody seems to hate their own pictures.
Anyway, then we had to go sing for the choir director so she could determine what we would be singing (ex. soprano, alto, etc.). It was super easy and I wasn't nervous at all because I had to sing in front of people at music camp and I'm more used to it now than I was before.
Erm, we also got to pick up our laptops!!! *celebrates by throwing confetti into the air then realizes that I must vacuum this up now* I took mine home and thought everything was fine, but it actually doesn't charge and whenever I close the lid, it turns off (and that is not supposed to happen). I asked my brother what was going on and after examining it for like 10 seconds he was like, "Um, yeah. Yo…

Tubesday: Why Women Scare Me

Ok so I am a bit obsessed with Charlie right now. Seana actually introduced him to me a while ago and I can't stop watching his videos! This is probably one of my favorites though. Plus he's British ;)
<3 July

Tubesday: Wings

Happy Tubesday! This is Little Mix's Wings! I absolutely love this song by them and did you know that Perrie is Zayn from One Direction's girlfriend? Perrie is the blondie in the video but no she has different color hair, it's been all over the spectrum :P
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Tubesday: Louis and Harry

I LOVE THIS VIDEO IT'S MY FAVORITE LARRY VIDEO! Sorry that was my fangirl rant... :P Even though I don't ship Larry, I do think they act really funny and adorable together :D
Ok Larry is Harry and Louis' "couple name" if you didn't know.
Anyway, sorry if I've already posted this, but I just love it so much!
<3 July

Heyyyyy y'all! This is gonna be a short post cause Ive got like a million other things to do tonight. Anyway, THANK YOU ALL FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES! My birthday was this past Monday and we spent it at a cottage. I got an Ed Sheeran CD from my brother and MY FAVORITE MOVIE EVER "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" which is actually rated R for language and I must admit, there are some language issues in that movie. Have any of you seem it? Erm, I got a few other big things too (such as a trip to Chicago that we will be taking eventually) but those are the highlights :)
At the cottage my mom and I watched the finale of season three of Downton Abbey and OMGosh that is just not cool!! I could totally see it coming though. Who else watches that show?
Ok so my main reason for this short post is that music camp starts tomorrow!! And it's not through school or anything, it's actually through a somewhat (or not really) local college. I did it last year too, but then I was in…