August 22, 2013

Good News! and Bad News

Hey bloggers! So I went to my new high school yesterday for what we call a "check-in day". I had a picture taken for my ID and when we went to pick my ID up a few minutes later, I looked at my picture and, oh, goodness, IT'S HORRIBLE. Oh well, everybody seems to hate their own pictures.
Anyway, then we had to go sing for the choir director so she could determine what we would be singing (ex. soprano, alto, etc.). It was super easy and I wasn't nervous at all because I had to sing in front of people at music camp and I'm more used to it now than I was before.
Erm, we also got to pick up our laptops!!! *celebrates by throwing confetti into the air then realizes that I must vacuum this up now* I took mine home and thought everything was fine, but it actually doesn't charge and whenever I close the lid, it turns off (and that is not supposed to happen). I asked my brother what was going on and after examining it for like 10 seconds he was like, "Um, yeah. You need a new battery."
So I'm mad because the tech people at school are supposed to change the batteries in laptops during the summer >:(
I am typing this on my laptop now, but I won't get a new battery until Monday or Tuesday (or possibly later) so I have to be really conservative of my power, especially because I have to leave the lid open. *sighs*
Anyway, I'm back on blogger now! I've been kind of MIA in the blogger world this summer because I only have a mobile device to blog on and that doesn't really let me post or read other blogs easily.
So sorry that I haven't been commenting or replying to comments this summer :(

How do you like the new name and look? I'm just going to try this out for a while, and I kinda like it :) Be honest! What do you think?

Alright I need to tell you about a few things eventually. I've been meaning to make posts about these but I'll do the most urgent in this post.
So yesterday my grandma woke up feeling horrible. She called my mom and complained of being dizzy and that her hearing was off, plus she was all worried because she had an ear doctor appointment that day and didn't feel like going. My mom has to work all day on Wednesdays and Thursdays so she couldn't really help my grandma, but my aunt was called and went with her or something. It's kind of a blur because I was gone most of the day and I heard all of this second hand.
Anyway, they found out at the doctor that she has something connected to chicken pox and shingles that effects her hearing. Basically, she could lose her hearing if it wasn't treated and even with the treatments, there is only a 30-40% chance that it will work.
Then when we were trying to get the medication for it, the insurance said they wouldn't cover it and the doctors office wouldn't give it to her because I don't know, some ridiculous reason. Well, in the meantime, my gramma wasn't doing well and they were considering taking her to the ER but that didn't happen thankfully because somehow they got the meds.
Sorry if this is confusing, I know :P
Anyway, she is doing better today, but still not the best. Please pray for my grandma's hearing to return!
I'm telling you guys this because I trust you. Also if you know me in real life, please don't spread this around or tell anyone because my family doesn't want it going around. Thank you!

Alrighty. I am mad again because my power chord got pulled out and my computer shut down while I was rereading this through. >:(
Anywho, byee!


  1. Hi July! I hope your summer has been great! I am really excited that you will be back to posting soon! I love the new look! It is awesome! I hope you grandma feels better soon!


    1. Thank you!! I hope your summer has been awesome as well :)

  2. Haha, I think they should figure out a way to get good ID card pictures. As it is, everyone just looks like a convict. LOL.

    I'll keep your Grandma in my prayers.

    I think there's a way to stop your computer turning off when you close the lid. If it's like mine, go to the control panel>>click system security>>and then click Power Options.>> on the left, there should be something that says, "choose what closing the lid does." click that.>> You should be able to fix it so it doesn't turn off from there. Let me know if it works!! :D

    1. Haha!! A convict :P

      Thank you for the computer advice! That wasn't it actually, it was the battery.

  3. Praying for her and I promise not too. Anyways, I was going to name MY blog I somemly swear I'm up I no good. Guess you beat me too the punch :/ anyways, here's what I'm thinking; you keep I solemnly swear I'm up to no good and I'll name mine Michief managed



  4. Hey Sis! ❤

    I left you a DM over at Twitter. ;)

  5. I also joined a new school after this summer and though the infrastructure and campus are fab! The students aren't so good..


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