NaNoWriMo Guest Post: Hilda Leticia Dominguez

It's July! Since it's November, I am going to have one or two guest posts every week for the month. 
I shall quickly introduce today's guest poster and then I must get back to writing! Hilda is my "sister" and an awesome supporter of people's blogs, writings, ideas, etc. She speaks Spanish and English (which is the coolest thing ever!) and has a very strong faith. Visit her blog HERE! Also, buy her book, The Invisible Spy, HERE! I will be reviewing it after NaNo is done so watch for that :) Thanks so much Hilda <3 
*sorry about the lack of sentence length variation, I've been writing for a long time and I'm a little exhausted at the moment.....

"Hey guys, Hilda here. July is busy expanding her cranium on NaNoWriMo and letting her creative juices flow. Good luck to you Sis! Let's help her out by saying a little prayer for her.

     Since this month of November lots of busy writers and authors will be doing the NaNoWriMo, I thought, "hey,why not write about something relating to writing, OR about the story of the creepy cabin guy who likes to kidnap kids to his cabin and show them video after video of Sesame Street?" :P

     Okay, writing it is. :)

     Tip #1: When writing a story during it's rough draft, don't worry about spelling and grammar errors at this stage. Just keep writing your story. Dream away.

     Tip #2: If you get stuck on how to write the story, pretend you are telling the story to a friend or family member.

     Tip #3: if you can't decide which way you want to tell a story, whether first-person point of view, 3rd person, narrator, etc., Think how will your story would sound in each way. Which one sounds better to you?

     Tip #4: Remember not to let others' negative feedback get to you. The truth is, not everyone is going to like a story you write, but there will be others who will LOVE IT! Why? Because everyone has different tastes. There's no right or wrong stories. Each writer has their own "voice." Don't be afraid to use it. By voice, I mean your "voice" on how you tell the story. So dream and write away. 

     Tip #5: If you are not good at grammar, spelling and punctuation, you can ask someone who knows to correct it for you. Just be cautious because some get carried away and end up adding their "voice" into your story and changing it somehow. Remember, it's your story, and you just want someone to correct your spelling,etc. Reminding them would be a good idea. Here's how:

     "I like where my story is going, but I need help with my punctuation and grammar. Can you help me? I just need someone to correct my punctuation and grammar."

     Tip #6: Remember that there are lots of jealous and insane writers out there, so if you read a negative comment or feedback, don't take it personally. It's just that they have a problem. I've heard and read once a poll on a writer's magazine that the majority of authors/writers are ... Let's just say, crazy. But of course not every one. So don't be surprised if you get a stupid feedback on your story. They are just jealous. Don't believe me? Have you heard of Stephen King? He had bought the van who almost runned him over and pound it with a hammer. No joke. Talk about insane in the membrane. Look it up and you will see. You don't hardly hear this fact but it's true.

Tip #7: Just get an idea for a story or one you have in progress and write on. Enjoy what you are doing. Remember, it's YOUR story. Good luck! ;D "


  1. Oh my gosh, sis!! Thank you for the wonderful compliments! So proud that you are my sister! ❤️And i can't wait to read your review on my book. Good luck on your nano story. You can do it, sis!!! :D

    1. Aww! They were all true sis :) I can't wait to review it! I hope you don't mind me waiting until after NaNo is over, I still feel so bad about forgetting about it for nearly a year! Thanks again for sending it to me! That meant a lot <3

    2. Aw no worries at all, Sis! Take your time and concentrate and enjoy your writing. Cheering you on!!! Whohoo!! :) you are so welcome. ❤️😊

    3. No problem at all. You are so welcome, sis, ❤️

  2. Hey July and Hilda!

    July, you have an awesome sis!
    And Hilda, you are an excellent advisor! I really needed those tips..(;

    1. Hey! Hilda is AWESOMEEEE! xD and I'm glad you found the tips useful! I know I sure did.

    2. Oh my gosh, you are so very welcome! Soo Happy to help. :)

    3. Aw thanks Sis, ❤️😊

  3. I got so caught up with stuff this year, I've forgotten to post much on my blog. Missed you guys! :) I'm doing NaNoWriMo this year & these tips were very helpful.♥


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