Creeper in the Building....

Hello everyone! I have a slightly terrifying story to share with all y'alls. It doesn't sound that scary, however, the more you think about it, the more chilling it becomes.

It starts with a group project. In my 6th hour physics class, we were assigned to make a video about radioactivity, and in my group was Christine, AJ Ryan (you might remember that he has guest posted here before), and Jed. Before Thanksgiving break, we were given time to write the script and film. Yesterday (Monday), we were all planning on watching each group's videos and voting on which was most creative, funny, educational, etc., but there was a slight problem. Come Monday, AJ couldn't find his laptop and he recorded the video.

Ok, lemme back up a second. So, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we have a chapel after 1st hour. During chapel, which is in the auditorium, everyone leaves their backpacks out in the hall against the walls. It's been like that for years, and the teachers instruct us to drop them there. Completely safe!!...... Or not.....

Well, as I said, AJ's laptop was missing, and so was our video. He said he stuck it out in the hall during chapel and when he came out to get it, it was gone.
***Alright, I've got an interjection: If that was me, with the laptop missing, I would be freaking out so much, I would probably cry or something.***
Anyway, I could tell AJ was worried, but he was still trying to focus on class. I didn't really know what to think, and I just thought he might have left it somewhere or someone else took the wrong one accidentally, but I wasn't really that concerned. I was sure it would turn up.
I went home.

This morning I came to school and in my 1st hour Spanish class, people were talking about "that guy who was in school yesterday" and I was like, "what?"
Turns out, a random guy came in our school at the beginning of the day with the rest of us and during chapel (which is an hour later), he stole two purses and a laptop. That laptop was AJ's.
At that point, I was like "Ok, that's not good," but I wasn't freaked out. Then I realized how serious that was and could have been.
The guy actually asked our janitor for directions (idk where to) but the janitor helped him out and he left. When the principal and all those people figured out what happened (I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY MANAGED TO FIGURE THAT OUT), they checked all the security cameras and got pictures and video footage of the guy. They then sent out his picture to all the staff. Somehow, one staff member realized that she had seen him at the gas station on her way home and the guy was arrested at that gas station on Monday night at 5:00pm. The stolen goods were returned, but my trust in the school is not.

This guy got into our school so easily, and NO ONE NOTICED that he wasn't supposed to be there. He was just walking around for just under an hour and wasn't stopped? How? Judging from the picture, he did look out of place, so why wasn't he caught? Someone came in our school yesterday to steal something and we are very lucky that he didn't intend more. There have been so many school shootings, think of Newton. That was just last year! It just really bothers me that this happened. It SHOULD NOT have happened. I live in a very safe city, but anything could happen.

In brighter news, I got One Direction tickets! I shall fill you in more later :)
Love you all!


  1. That IS creepy!! Looks like it isn't safe anywhere anymore. :( So glad the school took action and got him.

    How did you get 1D tickets? :)

    1. Me too! And I was actually mistaken, but the correct thing is that he came in once with all of the students, then left, and came back in again because well, I don't know! He's stupid. They talked about it in chapel today and our principal said they were going to increase security in our school.

      Well the actual tickets for their tour go on sale on Saturday, but we got them through a presale :)

    2. Oh yes, so happy your school is increasing security. Please be careful, Sis.

      That is so cool!! Are you excited?

    3. I will be as careful as possible, sis. Thanks you! :)

      I am SOOOO excited!! Our seats are great too!

  2. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK. That is rather terrifying.

  3. Ah yes... an... interesting day that was.... Sadly, I have not gotten my computer back yet (probably in the police department evidence room) and so I am using a spare.

    1. Out of all the computers he HAD to pick yours, haha.


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