Tubesday: "What Does the Fox Say?"

Hey! Happy Tuesday. I miss you guys commenting on my blog, so if you are reading this, comment the word "Spaghetti" down below :)

Anyway, this video by a couple of Norwegians (that's what I was told) is really quite popular in my school right now.... I don't know if you guys have ever heard of it or seen the video, but apparently everyone loves it!
My English teacher told us that it was a parody to all rock music videos about how seriously they take themselves or something, but I'm not into rock and roll that much, so I wouldn't know.
Personally, I think it's kinda weird and it creeps me out a bit but it's also really amusing to me! Haha.
Mischief Managed!

Here is "What Does the Fox Say" by Ylvis.


  1. Spaghetti and I just though all the posts you were doing were scheduled (or something that kinda is about as me as pink glitter) sorry! Please post more and we have to chill!!!!!

    1. None of mine have been scheduled lately! I'll try, I've been super busy.

  2. Oh, my neighbor showed my little sister this video and she was singing it when my brother came home from college and when he heard her singing it he FREAKED OUT. He said that one of his friends in college showed it to him and it was really great.


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