Random Fridays: Costumes

Welcome to Random Fridays!


This is an event hosted every week by Emma!
This week it's about cool costumes and you can click HERE to visit her post!

I decided to take this post a bit of a strange way, but I couldn't resist :)

Starting off the doggie costume show we have Batdog. 
Then Porky the dog struts down the stage. 

Next up is a crowd of ghosts, modeling their pumpkin candy buckets.
This little dog is rocking the green dinosaur costume..... 

.....And right behind him is the triceratops.....
.....Who is followed by the t-rex.

This elegant peacock is strutting his stuff down the aisle. 
As slow as a snail, this turtle makes his way across. 

I saved the best two for last!

A Harry Potter impersonator has caught the golden snitch!   
And finally, we have Fluffy, being restrained by his human, Harry Potter. 

Hope you enjoyed! 
Mischief Managed,


  1. First off, I so want some of those! Secondly, what are you being for Halloween?

    1. I know, right?? I already answered that like five times Rae haha!

    2. I forgot!!! Wait, you never told me! And are you coming for Halloween?

    3. Haha Rae don't freak out.... I'm texting you right nowwwww

  2. That first one..... "I am the night..." I dunno, that one's my favorite. ;D

  3. Ah hahaha :D these pictures are so cute!!
    My favorites are the ghost with pumpkin and the Fluffy :)
    I wondering are they your dogs?
    Thanks for sharing this cute idea.


    1. Aren't they adorable?
      I wish they were my dogs! Sadly, they aren't :P
      Thank for stopping by!


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