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Hey yo! First of all, HAPPY ELECTION DAY to my friends from the United States! I was able to exercise my civic duty today and vote for the first time which was extremely exciting and disappointing considering our presidential options..... ick.... That's a completely different story altogether though :)
Secondly, hi! I finally feel like I have time to breath (and write this blog post). Let me tell ya, it's been a crazy busy start to my senior year of high school. Wait, am I a senior already? Yep, you bet I am. 
"Soooo..... July, what are you doing with your future?" Well, to be honest, I have no idea. Hopefully I'll be able to clue you in on that situation soon :)

ANYWAY! The main reason of this post is to share a piece of spoken word poetry I have written and revised within the last six months. I don't know if you remember, but I wrote a post a long time ago about how much I love spoken word (you can read it HERE), and I finally felt inspired enough to write one myself. It's pretty self-explanatory, so I'll let you figure out what it means. 
*also I recommend reading it aloud as it was originally meant to be presented* 

Check In
When I plug into social media, I tend to unplug the real world.
I often find my hands attached to my phone

like a snarling bulldog chained to a rusty iron poll.

I want to get away, but I keep feeding myself bull.

I’m too busy checkin’ twitter, and checkin’ out
That I don’t have time to be checked in on real life.
At least that’s what my phone convinces me.
So in every opportunity I tell myself,
“maybe tomorrow. Or maybe next year.”
But in day after day of inaction,
Am I missing the main attraction?
How much time am I willing to spend waiting?
And why don’t I seem to care
that hours, years, yes, even the soul of my life
is being sucked into idleness
like a Dyson inhaling particles of dust
until there is nothing left on the floor?
I’m too busy tweeting a pointless 140, and my life away.
From one to ten on the richter scale,
This life makes me unhappier than Eeyore without his tail.
Today, this changes. The key word…
Today. No more “tomorrows.”
No more wasting my days thinking up twitter bio’s.  
I want to seize opportunities.
Act spontaneously,
And don’t let my phone own me.
I want to check in on real life.
I’m Frau Maria, saying goodbye to
the plushy box I call my comfort zone.
I want to let grains of toasty amber sand
slither between my toes,
And the scent of sunscreen sneak into my nose.
I want to let smoke burn my melodic lungs
as my campfire sings sparks to the sky,
And I want to let myself go out bird watching for a while,
and eavesdrop as the sparrow’s choral lovesong surrounds me.
I want to do ordinary things,
but do them extraordinarily.
Today, I am checking into life’s lobby
and creating a story that I will be proud of.
No longer will my metallic Apple be my controlling master
while natural orchards ripen without me.
I WILL be the ruler of my own story
and overflow its pages with adventures.

Mischief Managed,


  1. That's such a powerful poem you've written! I did indeed read it aloud, despite people staring at me :L I love the line "This life makes me unhappier than Eeyore without his tail", it's so sad and cute and funny at the same time. But my favourite part is
    "I want to do ordinary things,
    but do them extraordinarily"
    Very motivational and inspiring.

    Hope senior year of high school is going well! And good job in voting! Everyones' vote matters despite the awful candidates.

    1. Thanks so much, Marian! Your feedback really means a lot.
      And thanks for stopping by again! It's always nice to hear from you :)


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