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Hi again! So I decided that I'm gonna try a new thing out on this blog. I set up a Google Doc where you can help me write a story! I will start a new story once every month, or maybe shorter than that depending on how well this idea takes off. Anyway, you write one sentence every time you visit there in your color (more details on the doc) and it can be crazy, silly, serious, or anything you imagination will cook up! I look forward to seeing what we can do! At the end of the month then, I will post the story along with all the authors (read the instructions on top of the doc to see how you can get credit).
Click here to visit the doc and add a piece of your own imagination to our story!


  1. Awesome! I did this before on forums but then it died. :(

    I love this idea! :D Good luck

  2. Hi July , i talked to you earlier on the forum. I think your an amazing writer!
    Write a love story for me please !

    1. Hey you got an email! Wow that was fast... ;) Thanks so much, but I don't like to brag. Do you want me to write a love story for you, for you? Or just do one next time for the sentence story?


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