And the winner is......

Hey guys!
So you know I had a pole for the cover of my book (you could vote for your favorite cover and title). The title options were Stephie or Dancing in the Rain and the winner was.......... Dancing in the Rain! 
*Just a note*
The title and cover may change in the future so don't be alarmed.

And the cover that won... I'm sure you're all wondering, belonged to Abbi from
Congrats Abbi! Your cover won the vote! Thank you so much for making the cover for me.

And everybody else, I really appreciate your submissions for the contest, every single one of yours was great too.

Make sure that you remember to vote for the horse name as well! And click here to visit our sentence story, it looks like that has come to a pause and we need more writers! Thanks for your help!

One more thing, I promise, just one. Click here to visit Sea's and my shared blog. Please follow us and submit recipe and craft suggestions to either
Love to my fellow bloggers,
July, oh and Happy Mother's Day to you all!


  1. Happy mother's Day! Hope you had fun with your family. :D

  2. july,
    I'll help write if you tell me how I can enter or whatever.

    -D. Skye


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