Today, I need *your* advice!

Hey guys,
You know I'm usually the one to give advice, but today I would appreciate your advice so, so much. So we have a camp coming up for our school and last time we went, I got so homesick to the point of barfing... ok you didn't need to know that, did you? I get homesick every single time I go anywhere over night. I don't do sleepovers, unless they are at my grandma's and I'm feeling really good because even though it's at my grandma's house, I still don't do them. But the problem with this camp is that it's like an hour and a half away so I can't come home if I really need to. Plus we are going with the 8th grade teachers, who I don't know and they don't know me or my problems. So I have two options:
1- tough it out no matter how many times I hurl
2- go home at night with a teacher who is not staying and come back in the morning

Which one should I pick because those of you who have been sick with the stomach flu lately, know how un-fun it can be with a stomach ache.
I don't want to miss anything, but I don't want to be stuck there with a gross taste in my mouth just wishing I was home and not having any fun at all.
Have any of you had any experiences like mine at camps or am I the only one with this problem?



  1. Aye, from a friend's standpoint, I'm hoping you'll stay for the nights.
    From a health and well-being standpoint, I'm saying that since you feel gross and ready to hurl more often than not during these camps, I'd recommend going home in the evening.
    <3 Seana

  2. Well I think you should totally go. Maybe start to overcome your fear by slowly spending the night at your friends' houses, closest to farthest? My best friend who lives in Georgia always had this problem, but her knowing It was my last day there before I moved 6 hours away, she tried her very hardest and stayed the entire night! Now, she's not even scared to visit friends far away. If my first suggestion doesn't work and you still wanna go, perhaps you spend a lot of time with your parents or family or friends so you don't feel so homesick? I really really hope this helps!


  3. So sorry to hear that. I never been to camp but I can relate. In elementary, I skipped going to Disneyland (field trip) just because I didn't want to be far from my mom. Now thinking about it, I should have gone simply because this: The separation is only temporary. I'll be home again and I have too. My mom wouldn't let me go if I was going to move to Disneyland, lol!

    You will be fine. You will be back home soon. Just have some fun on your camping trip knowing you will be back home soon. :D


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