Armswag ;)

 The first time I heard the term "Armswag" was in the Brazilian blogs that are always at the cutting edge of fashion. It basically consists of using multiple bracelets in various designs, colors and styles, all at once, making a mix that creates a different and bold look - gold, silverneon,beads, leather, thinthick, even the watch can join the danceThe keys are mixing and composingTo avoid falling into exaggeration or ridicule one has to use not only creativitybut also to have good taste, so that the pieces harmonize with each other and are mixed with consistency,charm and elegance, but in a style that is  fun either. So now is we have to go for it, gather all the bracelets we have at home, choose them carefully,adorn our arms and join the freedom to innovateShall we?

~ Aida (

Or in my definition: Random bracelets that you find around the house and then cram all on one arm haphazardly and call it "Armswag".

Thanks to Aida from
for the first definition and pictures!

Have fun arranging girls! 


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