My Thoughts on The Blizzard Ball

Hallooooo! Do any of you get that reference? No? Didn't think you would. Anyway, this past Saturday my school held a dance called The Blizzard Ball (a Sadie Hawkins dance, and NO I didn't NOT ask anyone!) and I decided to go. This dance was a lot more fun than the last one and I danced with a lot more people too. The homecoming dance in September was so horrible that I wasn't even going to go to this one, but my friend Leanne and I went to the mall and both of us just happened to buy dresses for this dance.... So I went.
On Saturday afternoon, I found myself at Seana's with Evelyn, Sayre, and Katie to help each other get ready and to just have a good laugh. And we sure did laugh!
Anyway, it was a ton of fun, especially eating pizza together and having a mini photo shoot doing crazy things in our dresses.

The Outfit:

My dress was blue with a beautiful lace pattern on it. I wore leggings underneath so I wouldn't have to worry about flashing anyone and I could be carefree all night long!
This dress is from Macy's and the original price was $65, but I only paid $15 because I shop the sales!

You can see the pattern a little better here.

I wore a gold belt that I found at a garage sale around my waist to add a little pizazz. 

I found my shoes on clearance, so they're probably not the most adorable things you've seen, but the blue jewels matched my dress, so weyhey!

I'm a huge fan of closeups!

I bought this bracelet specifically to go with my necklace and earrings, but sadly, I didn't end up wearing it because it snagged my dress every time it touched, and I didn't want a tear :( At least it wasn't too expensive!

My necklace! I bought this for $2 at Old Navy, aren't you proud? It's hard to see in the photo, but there is three little diamonds making up each section.

My mom bought these earrings for me at JC Penneys :)

Sorry for the horrible picture quality, I took them on my iPod.

The Dance:

Anyway, our photo shoot took quite a long time and by the time we arrived, we thought we were going to be 20 minutes late for the dance, but we were actually 10 minutes early. That was awkward! There was absolutely no one there at all.
The dance got rolling and we headed out onto the dance floor with all of our other friends. It was crazy. To those of you who haven't attended a high school dance yet, they're nothing like Disney movies make them out to be. It's basically a bunch of people acting insane and moving their bodies in unnatural ways, ahaha. This time the music was more familiar to me and I basically danced the whole time aside from some water breaks, boy was it hot in there!
Seana and I were trying to get our friends Emily and AJ to dance together and we kept making little hearty motions at Em, but I think we embarrassed/annoyed AJ, whoops, haha. Sorry AJ!
It being a high school dance, there were obviously some scandalous stuff going on as well like dirty dancing and making out, but I tried my best to avoid all of that. Most people were wearing modest dresses, but there were the few that needed to put some more clothes on.

Basically me and my friends ;)

The After Party:

The dance finished at 11:00pm and my brother and I hopped in our car to drive home (Sea, Sayre, Evelyn and Katie had other rides) and we were halfway there when my brother randomly said, "Do you want to go to an after party at my friends house?" And naturally, I was like "sure!" So we turned around and started driving there.
*I admit it was a little awkward because my brother and his friends are all older than me, but it was alright and I survived*
When we called my mom to let her know where we were going, we were met with a little resistance because she thought it was too late. Little did she know, we were already there, so she let us stay. There was food and drinks and believe it or not, we danced some more. He even had a disco ball in his basement to make it feel legit. It was awesome.

It was a good time and probably one of the highlights of my school year! How have your school dances been?

Mischief Managed,


  1. That actually sounds like so much fun! And nice Gifs (:
    My school doesn't do anything like that, except for at the end of school when we have Prom (which I'm really dreading because I can't dance to save my life, and it'll be awkward getting a date ((you need a date to go)) and choosing a dress that's not too over the top but not too plain because, come on it's Prom!)

    1. It was!
      Hmm, prom... We don't really have "prom" but there is a Junior/Senior banquet that you can go to when you're in those years. That's surprising that you HAVE to have a date to go because here, many people just go with their friends. I hope you go though!

  2. I got it! I got that reference. And anyways, you said "no I didn't not ask anyone" meaning you asked someone. I have to buy a dress for New Mexico (cousins wedding) and my mom won't let me wear leggings DX. Did ya see any cute ones I might like? I liked your shoes and my mom has a simular necklace. And any cute guys? ;p

    1. You got it, eh? I'm surprised. Where's it from?
      You know what I meant, ahaha!
      Hmm, these were all winter dresses, but you could probably find something!

    2. Well, I think I got it. I don't know exactly where's it's from. And I know what you mean, but I'm still going to tease you about inviting a guy :p and there's a difference between types of dresses? That's so stupid and confusing DX

    3. If you got it, you would definitely know where it's from right away, so I'm guessing you didn't. Maybe I'll show you sometime!
      Well, you don't want a prom dress for a wedding....

  3. Oooh nice dress. I like how you added the leggings to keep it modest. The belt and the necklace are nice touches too. YOUR SHOES!!! They're adorable!
    Is there anyway you'd be able to post a picture of your hair?????

    ~D. Skye <3

    1. Thanks! You like the shoes? Yay! I'm glad.
      Gahhh, I didn't get a picture of my hair to show you all! I'm regretting that, but by the time I thought of it, it was too late.
      It was just two small braids across the back of my head like a half crown, so I kept it pretty simple yet cute!

  4. That reference reminded me of mrs. doubtfire lol! And that is a pretty dress, sis! Wow! Leggings are cool and comfortable. So happy you had fun!!

    1. Who's Mrs. Doubtfire?? Lol.
      Thank you sis! That means a lot :)

    2. A movie. Aw you are so welcome sis!! ❤️


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