The Products of My Boredom

So yesterday was only the first day of Christmas break and I'm already bored..... So bored that I went downstairs and rummaged around until I found my old beads and started making bracelets and for those of you who know me well enough, anything artsy I attempt turns into a disaster......
I'm actually pretty proud of my bracelets though, well at least two of them. The other two, not so much.
Here's they are!
#1 This one features a clear glass bead with a green center
surrounded by 26 medium sized plastic pearls

#2 Features four red beads, with lots of large plastic pearls

#3 My personal favorite features a blue/green glass bead
with black and white glass beads surrounding it and with
tiny plastic pearls in between

#4 Featuring blue and brown glass beads with small
and medium plastic pearls in between
So what do you think? Tell me which ones your favorite! Sorry, maybe you don't like any of them, but that's ok because I'm obviously not the most artsy person. Just keep your rude opinions to yourself please!


  1. 3 is really nice! And I'm not just saying that! All the colours look so pwetty next to each other!

  2. It's only boring cause I'm not there :-)

  3. I actually quite liked Three as well. I'd wear it. :D

  4. Oh wow, I love them all! So pretty! You did a great job! :)

    Thanks July for your prayers. My family and I are surprisingly doing okay. Prayers are the most important gift than anything, and my family and I thank you for them. May my aunt rest in peace in Heaven. Again, thank you! <3

    1. Thank you Hilda! I will keep praying for you, merry Christmas!

    2. Yw. And thanks. Have a wonderful New Year. :D

  5. Three is really pretty. They're all very nice =).


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