"How Does Your Imagination Imagine Me" Answers

So on Sunday, I did this "How Does Your Imagination Imagine Me" thing and thanks to all of you who commented on that post! It was very interesting to find out how you thought of me!

So here's the original questions and the answers in italics!
Do you think I am/I have:

1.) tall or short          medium height, more towards the tall side
2.) skinny or chubby      average, but more toward the skinny side
3.) short hair or long hair      a little longer than my shoulders
4.) brown, black, red, blond, dirty-blond, or dyed hair      dirty-blond hair, I've never dyed it
5.) thick hair or thin hair        I consider it thick
6.) super fashionable or not         not fashionable at all
7.) glasses or no         no glasses
8.) makeup or no makeup        no makeup at all
9.) always painted nails or never painted nails     never painted nails
10.) always accessorized or not        I have double pierced ears and wear a watch
11.) light skin or dark skin         light skin, well I'm caucasian, so duh.
12.) pale or tan         pale year round, however I do have some extremely faded tan lines
13.) mostly outgoing or not      I would consider myself not outgoing, but it depends on who I'm with
14.) introvert or extrovert     I am the biggest introvert you'll meet unless I'm with my very best friends
15.) lots of friends or not        I have my close friends but not a ton of friends who I can just talk to
16.) outspoken or not         I am only outspoken about things I'm very passionate about otherwise not

If you have any more questions about the way I am (my personality or looks), feel free to ask!
Haha, ok bye! Good luck for those of you who have exams this week!


  1. Dirty blonde? ... I consider it more of a light brown, myself.

    Heh, you're taller than me, so I consider you...tall. :P

  2. Well, my hair has a lot of colors in it..... I don't really know what to call it!

    Well, you're on the slightly shorter side...... so......

  3. Thank you for sharing your answers! I suppose I ought to post a bit about my appearance, though I do have a chunk of information in my "About Me."
    And thank you for the good luck on exams, because I have exams this week and so far they've been hard.

    1. Aww, well I hope the rest go well for you! :) Exams stink, don't they?

  4. Cmon Juky, you're totally fashionable ;-)

    1. Juky? Haha where did that come from Rae?
      But not really...............................................

  5. Wow July there are only like 5 things that are different between you and me.


    1. I am unhealthy skinny, I never have accessories, I get tan very easily, I have lots a people I consider friends, and while I am an introvert I can be really extroverted.



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