January 07, 2013


Just a quick reminder to everyone that SENTENCE STORY CONTEST ENTRIES ARE DUE TODAY!
Click HERE to read the original post, and I'll be posting up the winner hopefully tomorrow or ASAP.
Oh and if you are planning to enter and need an extension, ask and I may just feel generous! xD


  1. "After Alidea gave the signal, her brothers threw stinks bombs and fireworks and made their escape. Alidea dragged behind when she saw a letter on the floor beside the trash can. Without thinking, she grabbed it and ran off after her brothers.

    They stopped behind a grocery store and panted. "What is that?" asked one of her brothers. Alidea read on with a shock expression on her face. "Come on, tell us!"

    "I don't believe this! Mom was blackmailed! All this was a lie. She does care about us. Here, look." She handed them the letter and could see that they were also relieved to learn that their mother had done all of this to protect them; she does love her children after all, though Alidea with a smile."

    I didn't read the rest after my posts so I just scanned through before writing this for you. :) I hope it helps.

    1. Ooh yay! Thank's Hilda, I didn't think anyone would enter :)

    2. Aw, you are very welcome! :D


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