Spelling Bee Results!

Ok, so I'll make this quick because I still have a bit of homework to do.
I was in the spelling bee right? Yeah, I was. So I didn't even study, and didn't expect to make it past the first round, but I got an easy word. At the moment, it has slipped my mind. Anyway, so I made it past and I was sooooo glad one of my goals was accomplished! My second goal was that I wouldn't be the first one out. That worked fine to because Cal, being the hilarious guy that he is, got out right away. On his first word. He was ok with it though because he doesn't take much seriously, which is a good thing in life if you ask me, which none of you did.
Anyway, it was the third round and my turn was next. I twist around in my seat and do the traditional back crack before I go up. Topher, the kid before me (also short for Christopher), had just gotten out and my heart beat sped up instantly as I stepped up the the microphone, all eyes on me.
"Alright July, your word is environment."
"Environment." I reply back, confident that I'll make it through this round as well.
The mic squeals as I back away and look over to the judges table where if they hold a green card up, I'm through, but if they hold a red card, I'm out.
I look over in nervous anticipation, not realizing that I forgot the dreaded "N" and they hold up red cards.
My head goes down, but hey, I made my two goals, and I can't feel too bad because I know how to spell it, I just made a mistake because of the pressure. I would feel worse if I had gotten a word I had never heard or seen before and totally biffed it!
I went back in to watch after I was done drinking my juice out back, and I was thinking that I either wanted an 8th grader to win, or one of my friends.
But alas, all the 8th graders were eliminated while I sat watching on the sidelines. Well then. I either wanted Benji (6th grade), or Lu (6th grade), or Daniel (7th grade), or Daniel's brother Adam (5th grade) to win because there weren't anyone who I knew left in.
I really wanted Dan to win though, because I know him the best and we are pretty good friends. Then I thought it would be funny if two brothers won, so I was rooting for Adam too.
It got down to the last three people, a 7th grader named Caren, Dan, or Adam.
Caren was eliminated and it was up to the two brothers to fight it out for first! I was so amazed that a 5th grader--
anyway, it went on for about 15 more minutes, each of them spelling word after word with ease.
Then there was a stumper. Dan got "subconsciousness" and got that wrong, and his younger brother Adam spelled his right so Adam was declared the winner!
I was really glad they won and gave them high fives, the works. Anyway, I've got homework so talk to you later!


  1. Yay for accomplishing your goals! :)

    I was in a spelling bee once... I misspelled the word, 'substitute'. But I was pretty young so I think it's understandable!

    1. Aww, I understand! There's so much pressure and everyone is staring at you.....

  2. I was never in a spelling bee! If I was I would fail worse than 1d ;-) (just to bug ya)

    1. Haha, not funny! ;P You would do that just to bug me wouldn't you?


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