How Does Your Imagination Image Me?

Have you ever wondered what you favorite blog authors look like? I mean, doesn't everyone have a picture in their mind of how somebody looks? Especially of somebody who they've never met but only know a bit of the personality of?
I was thinking lately, wondering really, how you imagined me. I obviously don't have any real pictures of me on this blog even though I have posted a picture before that has me and Seana in it, you would never be able to find us in it though.
But anyway, I'm really curious how you imagine I me, image-wise and personality-wise!
Do you think I am/I have:

1.) tall or short
2.) skinny or chubby
3.) short hair or long hair
4.) brown, black, red, blond, dirty-blond, or dyed hair
5.) thick hair or thin hair
6.) super fashionable or not
7.) glasses or no
8.) makeup or no makeup
9.) always painted nails or never painted nails
10.) always accessorized or not
11.) light skin or dark skin
12.) pale or tan
13.) mostly outgoing or not
14.) introvert or extrovert
15.) lots of friends or not
16.) outspoken or not

I would love to hear your answers or other comments about how you imagine me because, well, I'm just curious!
I will try to post the answers as soon as possible, but first I want to get a few people to give comments.
Sorry for the quickie post, but with exams this week, I'm sort of freaking out! Also, I have a poll up for my January "Dare" thing, so you can vote. I'll do another "dare" next month so keep thinking of more ideas!
Also, I finished another book, so if you want to see what I read you could check out the What I've Read: 2013 page.
And one last message for Hilda! Hilda, it look like we'll be continuing with sentence stories, so can you send me the first sentence by either a comment or email? Thanks!


  1. Urrr... Here's what I thought, or at least come across! I completely guessed the hair colour though!

    1.) Tall
    2.) skinny
    3.) long hair
    4.) dirty-blond
    5.) thick hair
    6.) I'm not sure...
    7.) no glasses
    8.) no makeup
    9.) never painted nails
    10.) always accessorized
    11.) light skin
    12.) tan
    13.) mostly outgoing
    14.) extrovert
    15.) lots of friends
    16.) outspoken

    You seem very friendly, so that's just what I said. I'm pretty sure I got your appearance wrong though!

    1. Oh, I can't wait to tell you the answers, but I can say that you got about 50% right..... not bad!


  2. 1.) tall
    2.) skinny
    3.) long hair
    4.) brown
    5.) thin hair
    6.) normal-ish (?)
    7.) no
    8.) no makeup
    9.) never painted nails
    10.) always accessorized
    11.) light skin
    12.) tan
    13.) mostly outgoing
    14.) extrovert
    15.) lots of friends
    16.) outspoken

    1. Well..... you got about 5 out of 16 right xD
      It was a valiant effort!

  3. Hi July, sorry I don't comment much I don't have time too, but luckily today I do! I think about this all the time. I know that most the time I picture everyone the same unless I know what they look like. What about you?

    1. Medium Height
    2. Medium Weight
    3. Short Hair
    4. Brown
    5. Thick Hair
    6. Fashionable
    7. Glasses
    8. Some, but minimal make-up
    9. Painted nails
    10. Always accessorized with few accessories
    11. Medium Skin
    12. Tan
    13. Some what outgoing
    14. Introvert
    15. lots of friends
    16. Not outspoken

    I didn't really know on some of the last ones so I just guessed. This was really fun!

    You should check out my new blog, It is all about books!


    1. Hmm, I picture people differently.... but sometimes it's hard to think of what somebody looks like!
      I will totally check out your blog and follow you!
      You also got 50% or 8 out of 16! Nice work!

    2. And what is even worse it when you picture how their voice sounds. I had one blog that I followed post them singing a song and their voice was a lot deep than I thought it would have been. I am so glad that I got that much right! And thanks for checking it out, it means a lot!

  4. 1.) Medium? You're thirteen, right? You haven't stopped growing yet... so medium.

    2.)Skinny? (and no, I'm not saying that to be on the safe side. :D)

    3.)Hair.... mid-back?



    6.)Fairly fashionable

    7.) No glasses?

    8.)Eh.... makeup-- little

    9.)Always painted nails

    10.)Usually accessorized?


    12.)tan in the summer. No one goes out much in the winter. :D

    13.)mostly outgoing


    15.)I'd say a couple really close friends

    16.)Eh... oustspoken. :D

    This is actually pretty clever, July.... If I didn't post pictures of myself, I'd do this. :)

    1. Actually, I'm 14 :)
      You got 6 out of 16 right :) Valiant, valiant.
      Haha, thanks! I'm glad somebody thinks it's clever!

    2. Oh goodness....ah...ah...HAHAHA! Sorry, Treskie, but thinking July's nails are painted all the time...that makes me laugh. My buddy doesn't' do nail polish. :P

    3. Sea! You gave it away! But alas, it is true. I don't do nail polish. AT ALL! :)

  5. I don't want to answer because it feels wrong to do so. Well for me. I do know that you are an amazing person. :D

    Yay! Here's my first sentence:

    "It was mid-afternoon before it all began."

    1. Aww, thanks so much Hilda and I understand :)
      Ok, I'll get that going right away then! Thanks!

    2. You are so welcome! :D

  6. would it be cheating if I submitted one? ;-)

  7. Er...I have absolutely NO idea of what you look like so I'll just try out my guessing luck here...though I ought to get 1 correct, thanks to Seana saying that you don't do nail polish XP

    1. tall
    2. skinny
    3. um, I don't know what qualifies as short/long hair but I'd say long?
    4. blonde hair
    5. thick
    6. um, yes?? Not sure how to determine fashionable-ness...
    7. no glasses
    8. no makeup
    9. never painted nails
    10. erm...always
    11. light skin
    12. if I guessed you have light skin I guess I have to say that you have pale skin....?
    13. mostly outgoing
    14. extrovert
    15. lots of friends
    16. outspoken

    Well, then...I am rather interested to see how my guesses turned out. I hope none of them offended you if I was wrong...

    1. Well, if my calculations are correct, you got 6 out of 16 correct :) Nice work, and no, I wasn't offended at all!

  8. Hmmm...I should be writing right now but instead I shall answer these. XD

    1.) medium height
    2.) skinny
    3.) medium length hair
    4.) brown hair
    5.) thick hair
    6.) not - you're a blogger but you're not a fashion blogger SO... XD
    7.) no
    8.) a little makeup
    9.) often painted nails
    10.) sometimes accessorised
    11.) medium skin
    12.) quite tanned
    13.) mostly not
    14.) more introvert than extrovert
    15.) probably
    16.) maybe less than Seana! :L

    1. Wow! Good for you! You got 10 out of 16! You didn't peak at the answers did you? :P


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