Banquet Dresses Post #2

So a long time ago, I posted pictures of possible dresses for the banquet. This is what I said:

So at the end of 8th grade this year, we have a banquet for all the 8th graders as a kind of "last hurrah" of middle school. So everybody dresses up really prettily (I know because I was a server last year and saw the dresses) with a fancy dress, fancy hair, fancy makeup, and fancy shoes and jewelry. So I thought it'd be fun to post dresses that I think are cute and get your feedback on what you think! It can't be strapless (dress code rule), so I'd obviously have to cover up strapless dresses with a sweater or cardigan as you "fashionistas" call it :) 

I love red, and I thought this was a super
chic dress

Maybe a bit long, but I love the color and
the way it sits on her shoulders.
Sorry for the volume thing intruding there :P

I fell in love with Cassadee Pope's dress on The Voice
because I LOVE shiny things..... :D

What do you guys think? Would you wear these dresses?


  1. I would totally wear the blue one. I love wearing long, dramatic skirts.

  2. Take the color of the red one, put it as the design of the blue one, and bam. I'd wear it!

    Huh. I didn't know you liked red! :P Guess I learned something new!

    1. Actually, Sea, red is my favorite color. What a best friend you are, psh. Haha, just kidding! LOVE YOU SEANA!

    2. Haha, just never mind dearie :)

  3. I'm absolutely useless when it comes to fashion...but the blue one is really pretty :)In general I like the ones in your older post better, especially that black-and-gold one.

    1. I personally liked these better, but everyone has a different taste! But yes, I agree, the black and gold was stunning.

  4. Personally the ones in the old post were WAY better!!! And, this time the last one which is sparkly is better. Waaaaayyyyyyyyy better than the rest of them... And July? Never EVER use the word(s) fashionistas or fashionista. I'm just embarrassed for you o-_-o
    still your best friend, just very VERY embarrassed.

  5. Mmmm I like the red one and the sparkly one! Not sure about the blue though :S
    I believe I asked this in your last post but being me I've now forgotten: why no strapless? :(

    1. Well a few years ago at the banquet, the 8th graders wore some very sketchy dresses and it would have been innaproperiate for the teachers to hug them or even look at them.... So they had to tighten up the dress code. That make sense?


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