THIS IS THE BEST YET! On Account of the Sentence Story That Is Taking Place Right Now.....

Hello! So we're doing another sentence story as all of you might know, and in my opinion, this one is realllllllllllly fun! There are so many different ways it could go and it is definitely different than others we've had. I'd love to have you participate, there are plenty of spots open and if we run out, I'll make more :) Click HERE to visit it, this is just what we have so far! But please stick to the rules, or I'll have to make things stricter and I really don't want to do that. We haven't had a problem so far, but last time things got a bit out of hand sometimes and one or two people were dictating the story. Ok, that's my rant. Sorry for that and just read now. Or visit the doc, whatever works.
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Blue- July
Pink- Hilda
Orange- Seana
Gold- Ruby
Teal- Audrey
Purple- Hermione
Red- Maria

It was mid-afternoon before it all began. Candace was just sitting at her computer, browsing the past comments on her blog when the phone rang.
She got up and scrambled over a pile of worn, but much-loved, books to retrieve it. “Hello?” Candace said into the phone. She received a very peculiar reply: a series of high-pitched beeps followed by a long train of rapidly recited words that were not English, or any other language that Candace recognized. “Hello? Anyone there?” she continued, only to hear another round of the assorted beeps and unfamiliar words.
“Candy, who was that?” Candace’s mother asked her after she hung up.
“Y’know, I was just asking myself the same question!” Candace said, scratching her head, puzzled. “Maybe someone is using a cell phone and isn’t getting good reception. Aw, well.”
Candace had barely sat back down in front of her computer when the phone rang again.
“Not again! This is so annoying!” Candace exaggerated, before storming back over to the pile of books and picking up the phone once again. “I don’t care who you are, or what you want, but will you please, please, please stop calling me?!”
This time she got a response. “Subject 249, there is an error.”
For a few seconds, Candace was so confused and bewildered that she didn’t speak. Then she asked emphatically, “What??!!”
“I repeat,” the voice on the other end replied, “Subject 249, there is an error. Did you not hear me the first time, Subject 249?”
“Dude! You have the wrong phone number!” Candace informed the mysterious caller. She received a peculiar reply of beeps in varying pitches and lengths.
“S....S....ubject 2....4....9......there is an error!” The voice repeated, now sounding urgent.
Candace was so irritated that she unplugged the phone and went back to the computer. She looked at the screen, and for a second the word ‘ERROR’ flashed up on it in big, bold writing; Candace frowned to herself.
“Mommmm!” Candace yelled to her mom after the word ‘ERROR’ kept flashing, “I think someone is hacking my computer! Something is wrong!”
Suddenly, a man’s face appeared on her screen, and his expression was serious as he said, “Subject 249, we will come to your home in exactly 2.7 minutes, because if we don’t, you will perish.”
Stunned into momentary silence, Candace stammered after a few seconds, “W-what?? Who’s a s-subject? Why would I d-die?” For some reason, the man’s face looked mildly familiar to Candace.
“This can’t be real!”  Candace couldn’t shake the familiar face out of her mind. She reached for the power button, and then sat there in silence in front of the blank screen.
Exactly 2.7 minutes later, there came a loud banging on the door, almost like the door would be broken down if they didn’t answer quickly.
Candace froze, not daring to breathe. She listened in petrified terror as her mother walked to the door, paused to look through the door peephole, and then opened the door. “May I help you, sirs?” she greeted politely.
“We’re here for Subject 249! Please stand aside.”
Candace heard a quick scuffle, and she cringed, knowing that her mother had probably been hurt. Still taking silent breaths, Candace plucked up the courage to go closer.
“Subject 249, there’s no use hiding. We can see you.” Slowly creeping back into her bedroom, Candace braced herself as she heard the multiple heavy footsteps make their way closer and closer. Candace dared a glance behind her, but just as she did, she felt an iron grip on her shoulder. She turned to the window and made a dare; she pulled herself away from his grip and jumped out the window.
“Ahh!” Candace yelped, her voice drowned out from the headwind she was creating. “Ugggfuhhgah!!!” she spluttered as she landed painfully on her side. She lay on the ground for seconds, and then she realised those seconds could be the difference between getting to safety and being killed by a complete stranger. “Ow! Not smart,” she mumbled to herself.
Then something strange happened: she felt the same grip on her shoulder, but this time, instead of gripping her tightly, the hand was helping her up. Candace turned her head so she could see her saviour; her green eyes fell upon a boy – around her age – who had messy copper-coloured hair and lanky legs.
“Subject 249,” he whispered sharply, “my name is Eric, and my father has forced me to rescue you. He was the man who contacted you via the computer.”
“W-what?!?” Candace spluttered, “first him, now you? What’s going on?” She tried to make a run for it, but Eric was a lot stronger than she suspected.
“Please don’t struggle, Subject 249,” Eric said, grabbing Candace by the arm. “We need to do this as smoothly as possible.”
“Why are you calling me that? I’m Candace!”
“I’m calling you Subject 249 because that’s what you are.” Eric spat the words, ‘now follow me, and you can meet the rest of your kind.’
“What do you mean, the rest of my kind? Am I just an experiment to you?”
But the only response she received was silence.
Feeling rather incensed, Candace demanded, her voice sounding more confident than she was, “Excuse me, Eric, but you can’t expect me to obey some random strangers that call my home only to transmit random beeps and words, hack into my computer, and then barge into my house and drag me off! Will you please explain what’s going on?!”
Eric bit his lip, worry evident in his eyes. “Subject 249, that is classified info--” He was cut off suddenly by a peculiar noise coming from behind.
In that instant, Candace released his grip from her arm and ran into the woods.  He might call her Subject whatever, but Candace knows she is the one and only Candace.
“Subject 249....HELP! Please! Sub--I, I mean...C-Candace! Help me, please!” She kept running though, and his voice eventually faded into the distance. Even though, Candace knew she was doing herself a favour, she couldn’t help but feel a pang of guilt for leaving Eric behind.
Pulling out her bubblegum-pink cell phone, she texted her mother asking if she was ok.
“I can’t call the police,” the text message from her mother read, “Go without me, I’ll be fine. Trust Eric. I should have told you long ago, but--”
Candy stared at the screen in shock, but before she could continue, the phone was knocked out of her hands and broken by a hurtling body named Eric who was rushing towards her and also being chased by three other large, scary looking men.


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