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"Hey guys! Hilda here. I don't know what to say, so I have a poem here to share with you. But before I do, I just want to say that please support your fellow bloggers by visiting their blogs and comment. Also join in on their special events like giveaways, contests, etc. We are a community and it would be very kind if we could all show our support. But I also understand that not everyone has the time. So, just do the best you can and do what your heart tells you. :)

This poem I wrote last year is called:

by (c) 2012 Hilda Leticia Dominguez


I look up at the dark sky,
What do I see?
A shooting star flying by,
Wouldn’t you believe?

I admire the jewels,
Of up above,
Also the animals,
Like the dove.

But one of these is greatest of all,
Is the gift of friendship,
Most of all.

A friend who makes you laugh
And hears your day’s bad story,
Who stands by your side,
And tells you not to worry.

A good friend is like a gem.
So precious and special.
Show them that you love them.
Gratitude is essential.

Have a great weekend! :D "


  1. Oh my gosh that was an amazing poem! Can I copy it for a school project ;-)
    but seriously, awesome Hilda.

  2. Haha no Rae, that would be plagerizum..... I don't know how to spell that!
    But yes it was a beautifully done poem Hilda :)

  3. Actactaully it wouldn't be... that big word for copying if I listed Hilda as a source-ish type thing.... ;-)

    1. Plagiarism is when one takes someone else's work and uses it as their own. For example, if you take my poem and write or say it is from you, that is plagiarism. But if you have permission from the author and credit them, it's fine.

      You can use my poem but don't forget to mention it is by me, Hilda. ;)


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