March 26, 2013

Guest Post by AJ

So, hello this is July and I'll just give a quick intro to this guest post by A.J. Ryan, a friend from school. I didn't really know what to post about so when A.J. emailed me another guest post, I decided to use this :) A.J. was also in The Beverly Hillbillies casted as the role of Percy Pennyweather. Great job as the English teacher! 

Hi everybody! This is A.J. Ryan again, back for another guest post. I was thinking of what to do, and I thought I would do some more poems (the last post I did, I shared some poems, for those of you who don't know, click HERE to read it). Sadly, about half my poems got deleted (long story) so the ones I have here aren't the best ones. But here they are:

Thee swirling patterns,
How different are they!
How they swirl in thee wind
And dance in thee breeze
How thee beautiful flakes float gently down
To thou bed of white
Carpeted in beauty 

*This one is talking about snowflakes, falling down to the bed of white, or the snow on the ground.

The sea of green
Bending at the power of the wind and it's will
Nearly nothing, do they keen,
Only little things they need, 'till
A drought comes, the one that is a forbidding shadow looming over the green
But for now, they tumble and roll with all the room for spare and no will

*This is talking about grass, and the vast prairies that look like a green sea, hence the first line.

Hope you enjoyed reading these two poems, and have a good day!
God Bless,
A.J. Ryan


  1. A.J. was the english teacher? Tell him he totally rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Yeah he was! He did do a great job, didn't he?

  2. That would be so cool if someone recorded the play and made copies for all of you to keep as a memory. :)

    1. I think they are actually! :) I hope so at least, but someone told me they were!


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