A Few Stray Ideas and Housecleaning

Well, hello there! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've run out of inspiration since that video wouldn't work. Does anyone know how to put a video on YouTube so you all can watch it?
I apologize, I really need to do my February dare yet, which was wearing mismatched shoes to school, hopefully I can do that tomorrow since we didn't have school today :P
Does anyone have ideas for a March "dare"? I'll put them on a poll again when I get a few so you can vote.
I'm gonna do another book review soon, I just need to find a book worth reviewing first.... LOL! That reminds me, I really need to go to the library! I don't have anything to read right now.
Um, well our 8th grade play is in a little more than two weeks and even with only four lines, I'm already freaking out.... I get super stage fright. For example, when I had a duet with Carter for our ensemble at Christmas, I felt sick for the whole week before it and at the night I nearly asked Mr. Scone if someone else could sing it. Thankfully Sea and Christine and all my other great buds were there and talking me into doing it still and assured me that I'd be ok. I'm sure I'll be fine in the play too, plus I only have four lines compared to other people's over a hundred, but I still get nervous.
That reminds me (oh dear I've said that twice in this post now....)! MY. COSTUME. LOOKS. LIKE. DELORES. JANE. UMBRIDGE.
I know this is random but I had to add this picture, I find it
 funny because it combines Harry Potter and a bit of 1D :)
Two things that I love
It's pink and lacy and frilly and has a huge bow. The entire thing is one shade of pink too.... I HATE PINK! Ah, well, I am one of those snooty, stuck up Beverly Hills ladies. We're doing Beverly Hillbillies for those of you who didn't know :) I'll probably post a picture of my costume sometime so you can all see how hideous it is.... But then again, Sea has to wear a fat suit! ROFL xD
Today I went on a date with my aunt Jordan (who is super-duper cool by the way) and we first went out to a little restaurant and had fries and shakes/malts and then we went to Goodwill and shopped around. She picked out a ton of clothes for me to try on so I went to try them on and let's just say it took me a while. I ended up with a coat and a argyle type sweater.... both super cute!
I especially like the coat because I didn't really like my old coat and now I have a super cute one that looks great on me plus, it was cheaper than a brand new coat. I always have fun with Jordan :)
Ok I should go, and since I forgot to propose to you my new idea, I will do that another time, but don't forget to give me March dare ideas!


  1. Sis, you will do great! No sweat, it's only 4 lines. Real short, easy peasy. :) Poor Seana. he should get a reward like a malt after the show because I bet she will be so hot in that suit.

    That is awesome, you went for a fun filled day with your aunt. and got a new coat? cool! what color is it?

    Let's see... For March dare... How about making a farting sound and blame it on someone else in the room. :P Just kidding! How about reading 2 books in one day? Or if you have a crush, say hi to him.

    1. Aww thanks! I'm sure I'll do just fine, but it's always that thought at the back of my mind that worries me :P

      It's dark/forest green, it's a good color on me I think! The sweater is really light brownish and pink.
      Thanks for the dares, sis!

    2. cool, and pretty colors of the sweater. You are very welcome, sis. <3

  2. HARRY!!!! I love Harry styles so much. Mega-Directioner here.

    1. OOH! Yay! We should talk sometime lol! I feel like I've said that to you before but we really should have a huge conversation about 1D sometime!

  3. Sis, I found a blog that has some utube videos on their post. Maybe this person can help you? It's at www.keepcalmandlovelifeellagriffiths.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks so much for trying to help! I can put YouTube videos on my posts too, I know how to do that, but I want to put a video on YouTube so that I can put the YouTube video on here.... does that make sense?

    2. ... Oh, got it. Maybe YouTube has a section to explain how to do that? They should, I mean it makes sense. I never put videos online so I have no idea how that works. so sorry I didn't help.

    3. Er, forgive me if this is the incorrect information, but for videos, first you Export it using QuickTime (this is typically an option, if not then I don't know) and then save the video to a folder. Then go to YouTube, sign into your account (if you have a Gmail account, just use that username/password) and then in the top right hand corner of the screen, it'll show your name with a little triangle next to it. Click on the triangle and there will be a pulldown menu. Click on "Video Manager." Somewhere on the screen will be "Upload," click that. Choose "select files to upload." Choose your video, and click upload. Done!

    4. I've tried that many times.... Thank you so much though Jess! I don't really know why it isn't working for me.

      Hilda, I appreciate you trying to help so much! Thank you!

  4. the picture didn't show up, I'm gonna start calling you Dolores Umbridge, and DUDE WE HAVE TO HANG OUT MORE!!! WHY'D YA GET SCHOOL OFF?!?!

  5. Ohhh....you want to publish a video on YouTube? I did that once for a school project. Come find me a school sometime and I'll show you how. It's hard to explain on a comment, and since YouTube doesn't work for me right now.

  6. Ummm, I have no idea how to upload videos to YouTube, sorry! Good luck with your dare! :) And break a leg at your play :)

    As for a March dare, how about taking a screen shot of your face (or something else if you don't want to show your face) and sending the picture to the 10th person on your email contacts list?


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