Books. Better When They've Been Worn by Many Hands

So last Friday I went to a used book sale with Sea and Christine hoping to get some great buys! Well, Sea got some LOTR books and Christine got a bunch of murder mysteries.... I got a variety of things. Then we went back to my house and watched Disney movies :)
Anyway, back to the book sale. There were a lot of old books there, which is ok, but also they were adult books. I still found a few things though! I have plenty of books to read right now, I won't go on a shortage any time soon!
I also just finished Gabby Douglas's autobiography which was GREAT! I'll do a review on it shortly, I've been busy with play stuff going on, you know. 

But back to used books. Don't you just agree that there's something charming from books that come from somebody else's hand? It's like they have their own story behind the pages, things they've been though, stuff like that. Plus you don't know who's had it, and each person has their own story and you never know what experiences they've shared. Just something mysterious. Like they've seen more of life than me, that they're wiser than me, had more experiences. (I know books can't really see, bla-bla-bla)

So, short post tonight, but I just thought I'd share that. 


  1. Yes! I love 'second-hand' books, or ones you can get from garage sales/goodwill/library book sales. The only tough part is when they're so old or have been read so many times that they're falling apart :/ Yet I still love them <3


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