March 12, 2013

Tubesday: Lauren Jauregui

I LOVE this girls hair.... That is basically the reason I chose this for Tubesday. Do you think that's natural (the curl I mean)? Plus her voice is amazing. Either watch it on my blog or click HERE to watch it directly from YouTube.


  1. Wow, she is good. And yeah, her hair is gorgeous. lol.... It looks pretty natural, my hair used to look like that.

    I love it when Simon likes someone. If I ever auditioned (haha) I wouldn't really care what the other judges said, as long as Simon gave me a good review. :D

    1. YOUR HAIR LOOKED LIKE THAT? Wow, I'm super jealous right now.... :P

      I know, the others you don't really care about but if Simon doesn't like you, you'll have a hard journey ahead....

  2. Her hair does look natural. :)


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