October 10, 2012

Guest Post by A.J. Ryan (he is my friend from school)

Hi, My name is A. J. Ryan, and I am doing a guest post. (thank you July) I was reading her blog, and it is really cool, so I am doing a guest post. I love to read and write and play piano. I also like to make poems. Here are a couple of them that I made:

Thee lady of thee light!
How fire seeseth thou beautifully!
How it strikeseth across thou sky and arcs down to thy earth.
How dangerous and beautiful thou can be!

This is talking about lightning, for it can be dangerous and beautiful it can be.

How thy blood like tears, 
fell to thee everlasting pool of shame and regret,
how thy crying shan't subside,
from the everlasting waterfall of anguish and repent,
Oh, how longth, 'till thee sorrow shall cease,

I got inspired to write this when I was watching a movie called the Outsiders. The movie is pretty good, but the book is amazing. I strongly encourage people to read it. Anywho, one of the characters died and it made me write to poems, this is the better one. 

I hope to do more guest posts later on. Anywho, have a good day!

~A. J. Ryan


  1. Your second poem...it just made me stop and reread it. It's got a sense of melancholy to it that's really powerful. Nice work.

    ~ Seana

    1. I agree. When I first read it I was wondering what it was about, but when AJ explained it to me, it made total sense and I loved it! Great book, The Outsiders... great book.

  2. Nice to meet you, AJ. You're poems are great. :)

  3. Wow...those poems were amazing. The metaphor of the first, and the mood of the second...great job!


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