Life Is A Highway

For you Rascal Flatts fans out there.... I'm one of them by the way, I'm 99% country and proud of it :)


  1. Yep, yep, I think there ought to be more yellow in that pie chart. (:

  2. Love that song. However, the "Till I Have to Pee" is more me xD.

    1. Kinda reminded me of that movie, Mrs. DOubtfire "Sory had to pee like a racehorse." LOL!

  3. and 4 those of u who don't get that A DAY 2 REMEMBER ROCKS!!!!! LITERALY!!!! sorry if u like country (eeeeewwwww...) i like actually good music ;p (like rock & rap! yea ima jerk about music but you shook listen to actually good 1s)
    cause i must


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