September 15, 2012

Yesterday, In Which I Almost Died

Hello! I'm sure you're all wondering about the title... was I almost empaled by a raging buffalo in the dollar store? No. Was I almost roasted on a pole by some savage pirates? No. It was simply on the way home from the grocery store, I had bought myself some Gobstoppers, and I was sucking on one. All of the sudden it went down my throat and I was like, "Choke, choke, choke." I actually didn't say that, but I was like trying to breath but the marble shaped object was blocking my airway... I was making funny noises trying to either get it back up or get it down. So finally, I felt it slowly slide down my throat. That is a feeling that you do not want to experience... it hurts! I could breathe again, but I really needed a drink, and I could feel the Gobstopper in my chest... it still wasn't quite down yet... I looked in the mirror and my face was all purple from lack of breath, not for too long, but long enough to make me slightly resemble a grape...
As soon as we got home, I took a drink and once again felt it slide down into my tummy. Shudder, shudder. Don't ever try to choke on things, ok? It's not fun at all.
On a lighter note, I have been awarded Hilda's book, The Invisible Spy, so I'll hopefully be able to tell her my address and stuff soon. Click here to buy her awesome book! Or on the right side of my blog, just look for the cover of her book, click it, and it will take you right to where you can purchase it!

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  1. Oh man, yikes! Are you okay? :O That is scary. Was anyone with you?

    Yay! So happy you are excited. Don't forget to email me your address so I can sign and send you your book. After you get your parents permission of course. ;)


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