Why I'll Be Wearing Yellow Tomorrow

Hey guys! So I saw this on Rose's blog (click here to visit her awesome section of cyber space) and I am choosing to participate too! Tomorrow is suicide awareness day, and what she says sums up what I feel perfectly, so here is what she wrote about it:

Tomorrow is Suicide Awareness Day, which is (all together now) why i'll be wearing yellow tomorrow, and you should too. Wear it to show people you understand. Wear it because we need to spread the word. Wear it as a way of supporting those who are going through a time in their lives where they feel they don't want to live anymore. It's important.

If you can't wear yellow tomorrow (because it's a school day, sigh) write "Love" on your wrist. Make a poster, wear a badge, blog about it, create a button, tell your family, your mates, your enemies, your future nemesis (c'mon, we're all going to have one). Just spread the word! Because it affects more people than you think, more people than you'd want  to think, and if you tell all your friends at school, and all your classes, and all those people you don't know see your blog post or slogan or button or poster, at least one of them will be going through thoughts of suicide. And you can help by letting them know that you CARE.

This is a poster i made today. I've spread the word on Facebook, and i hope you will, too. Tomorrow i'll be wearing my home-made Suicide Awareness badge on my tie. Anything yellow goes. 

Suicide Awareness Day - 10th of September
You matter.

*Please note, Rose made those cool posters and badge/pin things, I am not that creative ;) 

And that is why I will be wearing a yellow-ish color and writing "love" on my wrist tomorrow!
I wish you would participate too,


  1. That's a terrific idea! I didn't know yellow meant that. I love yellow. It's good to spread the word and let people know you care. :)


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