Rereading Joys and Tennis

So everyone, I'm rereading the Harry Potter series for the 5th time.... I've read them four times already so it's fun to see what new things I notice on this run through. I haven't picked up a HP book since I was in 5th grade actually, so it's good to read them again. That's crazy though! That means that I read Harry Potter four times before my middle school days... how. Sorry about the rambling in this post, I am sorta living on caffeine right now, so my mind must be affected :) So today we had a tennis match. Before today's match our team was undefeated and we still are! Huzzah for us! My partner, her name is July too (same name) and I had a challenge and we came back and tied it from 0-4 to 4-4 and then we ended up losing. But that's ok because we both played well and our team one the match so that was happy! Plus July, my partner, has a Caviler King Charles Spaniel that is six months old and it was there and I petted it! Yay, that is my favorite type of dog if you haven't picked that up. Ok, now before I ramble on any further, I would like to announce that I am extending the Sentence Story Contest until September 30, so three more days so get writing people! I would like more than three entires! Anyway, talk to you all soon probably tomorrow!


  1. Aw but you were so close to winning. That is awesome, congrats though!! :) Sounds like you kicked butt for the match to be this close.

    I don't know what kind of dog that is. Does it look kinda like a golden retriever?

    Okay gang, give July your entries before deadline, pretty please. ;)

  2. WAIT WHAT! I haven't heard anything about this contest. Where is it? Quik send me some sorta link or the rules or where to send it to!!!!

    1. Ok here's the link and I am opening it to everyone and I will extend it until Sunday just for you :)
      Have fun!

  3. Okay a bit of an over reaction.
    Anyway,,, I LOVE HP.
    I've read the series i think about 3 times. But the first 4 books at leats 20 times. (I'm not joking!)
    From the quotes to the writing a post about reading it again, I take it your a fan? Favourite Chamber Of Secrets?
    Marian :D x

  4. How is it that every time I reread HP, the books are always a surprise? The magic of J.K. Rowling.
    I'm holding a contest, like you, but for a blog button! See my blog for details.

  5. k so i like wanna read the hp series again (i only read it through 1ce & havent READ it since 6th grade, but i own all the movies). do u own the books and if so, can i borrow them? went 2 art prize last night. like 3 lanterns got stuck in trees but other than that u would have loved it! missed u being there and btw we still need 2 have a hp movie marathon :p
    cause i must


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