September 01, 2012

Top Blog Award

Yay, another award *sarcasm dripping here* I've been nominated for the "Top Blog" award through an email anonymously, quite a strange way of doing things I must say so myself!
Well thanks, whoever gave me this! I don't even know who to thank! So let's get started on this torture already.

 The rules for the "Top Blog" award:
-You must take my answers out of the questions and answer them for yourself -You must nominate your favorite top 5 bloggers
-You cannot nominate the person who nominated you
-If you have already received this award before, you don't have to do it unless you really, really want to

Top 5 Questions-

 Top 5 likes: 1. Jesus 2. Animals 3. Reading/writing 4. Singing 5. Niall Horan

 Top 5 hates: 1. Fake tans 2. People who stare openly at you 3. Shrimp, tomatoes, and carrots 4. Impulsive or wimpy guys 5. Directionators (people who hate One Direction)

 Top 5 fears: 1. Not loving Jesus enough 2. Being or feeling alone 3. Bugs 4. Losing my family and best friends 5. Dying a painful death 

 Top 5 wishes: 1. A horse ranch  2. My book to be published 3. To play on the women's Olympic hockey team 4. To sing with 1D 5. Five more wishes ;)

 Top 5 favorite animals: 1. Horse 2. Dog 3. Gazelle 4. Lion 5. Polar bear

 Top 5 favorite foods: 1. Hamburger 2. Pizza 3. Spaghetti 4. Fried chicken 5. Dark sea salt chocolate

 Top 5 books: 1. The Mysterious Benedict Society series 2. 39 Clues series 3. Harry Potter series
4. The Hunger Games series 5. The Scorpio Races

 Top 5 movies: 1. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles :) 2. The Hunger Games 3. Brave 4. Tangled 5. The Blind Side

 Top 5 dream vacation spots: 1. Italy 2. Japan 3. Europe 4. Alaska 5. Oregon

Top 5 favorite people: 1. Sea and Christine 2. Mom and Dad 3. Grandma 4. Niall Horan 5. Santa :)

Top 5 favorite fruits: 1. Blueberries 2. Strawberries 3. Kiwis 4. Apples 5. Watermelon

Top five favorite flowers: 1. Roses 2. Lilacs 3. Hydrangeas  4. Daisies 5. Tiger lilies

Top 5 future careers: 1. Author 2. Journalist 3. Rancher 4. Singer 5. Book/movie/music reviewer

Top 5 girls names: 1. Emery 2. Esmae 3. Amalory 4. Isla 5. Alice

Top 5 guys names: 1. Liam 2. Parker 3. Matt 4. Tom 5. Jacob

Top 5 things you'd rather be doing: 1. Reading/writing 2. Eating cookies 3. Sleeping 4. Horseback riding 5. Rock wall climbing

And now for my Top 5 nominees:

1. Seana J Vixen

2. Sophia's Desk

3. Books, Books Everywhere

4. Everything Hermione

5. Abbi's Book Blog

Ha, your turn to be tortured!!! Just a quick note, I have a ton more top blog favorites of mine, so if you weren't mentioned, don't worry. Chances are, I really like you too! This award was actually slightly fun, long, but fun. So thank you anonymous person! I will call you Bill. Next time Bill, tell me who you are so I can thank you properly!
Love, July


  1. Awesome answers. I like the name Alice too.

    Thanks for nominating me, yay! :D

  2. love your answers, especialyl the one about getting your book published if you believe then anything is possible

  3. Thanks for nominating me...again, hehe. :)

  4. I updated it because you know it was glitched before so I just made it more organized and it moved it up and said I posted it today.... sorry guys! ;) I'm not like self-centered or anything...

    1. :) I'm glad you are here to let me know that someone likes my blog ;)

  5. Aww, I sure do! :) Love your blog.

    1. Aww thanks Hilda! BTW I'm sorta freaking out here because it says your blog isn't on the web anymore... it doesn't exist! :( Did you change your web address? If so can you send me the new link?

  6. You're very welcome! :)

    Sorry about that. I didn't think it would do that. I changed the name of my blog from "Sophias Desk" to HildaLD. Here the link:

    1. *sigh of relief* I'll make a mini announcement about that...

    2. Aww thank you. You're so sweet. God bless you always! :D

    3. I thought I had already done this, but it turns out I haven't... May I add your blog to my list of favorite blogs?

  7. Oh my gosh, yes! I'm honored! :D Thank you so much!!

  8. ...doll, please tell me I don't need to do this again... v_v But if I must, I must..oh, the horrors you force upon me!

  9. Oh dear me, love, no, no... this is what happened.... I updated it because you know it was glitched before so I just made it more organized and it moved it up and said I posted it the other day.... I'm not like self-centered or anything...


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