How Much Is My Face Worth?

So hey guys! I've been tagged by Cat (click here for her amazing and totally awesome blog) to find out: How Much Is My Face Worth? So, I don't wear makeup yet because I don't want to spend my money on that when getting a car and going to college is in the near future. But, my face is worth something!

This is Cat's way of explaining what you do because I'm too lazy to type it out myself ;)
You basically add up the prices of your daily makeup and often get a shock when you find out that your face costs more than a weeks worth of food. I thought it would be interesting for different people to do this as everyone uses different combinations of makeup, and the cost of your makeup depends on your lifestyle and money situation.  At a first glance it may seem superficial and shallow, but when you really think about it it's actually slightly fascinating. ^_^
Here goes nothing!

Aloette Acne Treatment Lotion- $18.00 
Aloette Oil Control Toner- $16.25
Aloette Multi-Action Face Scrub- $16.50
Other acne cream- $17.00
Total- $67.75 (Oh my)


Bath & Body Works lip gloss (Apple Cinnamon) $8.00
Total- $8.00 

Suave shampoo (Daily Clarifying) $4.00
Generic brand conditioner- $3.00
Bath and Body Works mini shampoos (Daffodil Apple)- $5.00
Total- $12.00

Grand Total-
$87.75 or 68.46 for all my European readers out there

Wow that surprises me... and I don't even wear makeup! That's a lot of money to spend on my face. Thankfully the only things I have to pay for are the lip gloss and mini shampoos. I like them because I think they smell so much better than the "Daily Clarifying" stuff that my mom makes us use >:p
It's really interesting to find out how much my face was worth. At first I was thinking $0 dollars because I don't wear makeup, but then I was like oh, but what about all that other stuff I wear too? 
I am nominating all of you who are reading this and want to participate because it is hard to nominate just one person that I don't know. Plus if you get nominated and really don't want to share all the facial products you use, it's not fair for you to make you do it. So, please do it! It is very interesting to find out, I think you'll be surprised at the cost that you get.... Also, comment me a link so I can find your post! 

Just a couple reminders! Make sure you sign up for Stephanie's 100 for 100 Challenge before Sept. 10! Click here to sign up! 

Also, Hilda now has her book published! Congrats again :) So here is the link to where you can buy her book, The Invisible Spy. She is also having a contest, giving away a signed copy of her book! Stay tuned to her blog for more details about it. 

One more thing is that I will really try hard to do a book review again this weekend. Now that tennis is over for the week I'll hopefully have more time to do so ;)
Love, and extreme cosmetics,


  1. Aww thank you Julyabelle--that sounds pretty. :)

    You know, that's a good point about how much we spend on our face. Let's see...

    For Basis sensitive skin bar (pack of 6, which lasts me for months) $13.74

    Cover girl clear lip gloss: $4.99

    That's a total of: $18.73, probably double that for a year.

    1. Thanks! Julyabelle is like a nickname for me since not many things can come out of July...

      Wow you do pretty well in the face expense category, compared to mine especially ;)

    2. Thanks, hehe. I used to try different things for my face until I finally found one that helps. So I now stick with only the soap bar. :)

    3. Yeah, that's kind of what I'm doing right now, but I haven't quite found the right thing yet, although what I'm using now helps quite a bit...

    4. That's cool. I hope you find the one for you. Going through one thing and another can be a pain in the neck.

  2. It's a really good idea to add up skin and hair care products! I wish I'd done that in my post :P xx

    1. Haha, oh well. I was just curious about that so I thought, "Why not just add that up too?"


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